Saturday and Sunday

Our Saturday started at the salon at 6am to get the beautiful Cat ready for a photo shoot with Keith Issacs as seen by this amazing photo of our model taken by me.

I started by putting strip eyelashes on her and individual eyelashes to really enhance the eyes and make them appear more almond-shaped. Once the lashes were on, Dan’s curing irons were heated up and we were ready to get some curl action going on!

While Dan was curling her hair, I did an amazing bronzy, smoky eye that would go with multiple costume changes. 

As the sun started to creep up, we knew that it was almost time to get moving onto the next location – Paula Valencia’s house to get her ready for her big day!

7:20am came and so did the awesome Gabby who was there to car-pool with us to Paula’s home to assist with the wedding. Before we all ran out the door – we all took a moment to snap this shot of Cat, Dan and me.

Daniel clipped up all of Cat’s curls so she can take them down right before the shoot so she can have soft, beachy curls that last for hours!

Next stop, Paula’s house! Dan, Gabby and I made it there by 8:10am and we set up our salon-on-wheels in their formal dining room! Dan and Gabby immediately got started on the hair. Dan would map out the style, Gabby would curl, then Dan would place and do his amazing finishing work. While that was happening I was doing makeup across the table from them and making sure that we were running on time.

We had from 8:10am to 1:30 to do 9 makeup and 12 hairstyles and we did it! We were thrilled with the way that everyone looked! As Daniel was doing finishing touches on the bride, Gabby and I did any touchups that were needed on everyone’s makeup and made sure that all lips were perfectly done. At 1:30 we were all packed up and out the door on our way back to the salon to do cuts and colors and a bride trial run!

2pm and we are back at the salon – Courtney is there ready to get some color done! To help bring out her natural skin color (and to help with maitenance for this busy mom) Daniel created a color that would be easier for her to maintain. She also told us that she had a hot date that evening with her husband – so we touched up her makeup and she walked out the door with beautiful, healthy light brown locs that require less maintenance and really brings out her skintone!

Then we met the amazing Layne who is getting married at the end of February!

What a day! Finished by 6pm!

Sunday started at 8:30 at the salon where we got some models together – with lots of help from Gabby, Carol and Elissa for the Wedding Expo at the Edison Estates in Ft Myers. We love doing the expos – it is a great way to run into our colegues and meet brides!

To finish – here is a beautiful photo of Gabby (one of the models from Sunday) at the Edison Estates!