Jennifer Reddinger on January 15th

I instantly loved Jennifer the minute I spoke with her on the phone – she had the sweetest voice, and she was so thrilled that she had someone to do her hair and makeup! We first spoke during the end of the summer – thanks to Paige at the Hilton Hotel (who is amazing by the way…but I digress….) and in actuality we were thrilled that a bride called us!

Jennifer explained to me that she does not like a lot of hair and makeup, that she is more of a “fresh-air” kind of girl, and she is a vegan. As we chatted, I knew that Dan and I were going to be the perfect fit for her wedding.

Time floated on, and then it was her wedding day. Dan and I arrived at the Hilton Hotel with our “salon on wheels” and began to get set up in her bridal suite. I also have to mention that Rayda came with us from Salon International to do  a manicure and pedicure in the suite for the mother of the bride.

Dan and I had so much fun with her and her mom in her suite – both had never had their hair and makeup done before and were thrilled that we were there enhancing them. Mom was so impressed with her hair, makeup, and nails that she started tearing up after she looked at herself in the mirror because she was so happy.

Below is what she wrote about us on Wedding Wire:

David and Daniel were absolutely amazing! David is so talented at his make-up artistry; I almost didn’t recognize myself (or my Mom!). I felt so pretty after he was done. He had so many great tips for me to be able to keep the make-up after the wedding (I am so not a girly girl!). My groom was pleasantly surprised. Daniel is a wonder at hair styling. I don’t know how he did it, but he transformed my limp, fine hair into a beautiful display of curls!
Both men are on my list of amazing people! Thank you both for everything!

 Dan and I were so thrilled to be a part of her wedding – thank you Jennifer!