The Awesome Reagan Rule Photography

The first time I met Reagan, she was on her way going out – so I offered to give her a smoky eye for the occasion. After a few smudges of black eyeliner, some sweeps of midnight blue eyeshadow, and lots and lots of mascara a friendship was made. I love working with this girl – not only is she very talented, but also one of the nicest people to work with.

One day Reagan approached Dan and I to enhance her first Weds of the month “Art Night” down at her studio. I loved the idea beacause all of the other art studios in her complex would be open and there would be lots and lots of people milling around  – which equals great exposure.

So Reagan and I talked on the phone and we hated this AWESOME idea….what if we had a “live shoot” happening during Art Night and people got to watch the process – cool, right?

So Dan and I arrive at the studio and start getting the models together – and we had some pretty cool clothes to shoot that night!

Britt was one of my favorite models to work with – love her bone structure!

We also took some great photos of Angela that we were really proud of – love how they show off her personality! I especially love how strong the black & white image is.
Finally we photographed Monica – and I wanted to show off her beautiful skin. Dan had an amazing red wig with us and we used it on a few photos with her…I really liked what the red hair did for her skin.

All in all, it was a great shoot and we got some great exposure, and love, love LOVE the photos we got!

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