Michelle from May 1st

Dan and I were thrilled to have 2 weddings on May 1st this past year and both were beautiful. We met Michelle through Kathie Resop – from Side by Side Weddings (a local – and may I say AMAZING – wedding planner). Michelle was to be our first bride in common – and I could not be more excited.

Michelle is a New York City girl who decided to have her wedding in Naples – which is a great idea because the weather in May is to die for.

I loved the way that Daniel styled her hair – loose and sexy with a side bun – very chic. For her makeup Michelle and I decided to do a slight smoke on the eye that had a hint of purple in it to bring out the green in her eyes. Since Michelle already had awesome skin – I enhanced it with a light foundation that made her glow and used bronzy-pinks on her cheeks. For lips you can’t go wrong with a soft pink – very natural and very kissable…especially if you place some gloss on it!

Last, but not least, I gave her eyes some amazing fringe with texturized eyelashes that I custom place to give the eyes  lush, thick eyelashes that look like they grow that way.

Kathie Resop (the wedding planner) wrote this about what she thought about the hair and makeup:

As a wedding coordinator, I look for the best wedding professionals that will serve my clients’ needs with the utmost professionalism and exemplary work. I highly recommend David Frohmberg  and Daniel Glemser for brides on their wedding days.

It is important to not only look beautiful, but to feel beautiful and present a flawless image for photographs, which can be best achieved by utilizing the services of professionals with artistic eyes, bringing any bride’s wedding image to a whole new level, especially in Southwest Florida when dealing with heat and humidity.

I recently had the pleasure of working with David and Daniel, who exceeded expectations not only for the bride, but the wedding party and “moms” included. They were great to work with and their personalities eased the “big day” stresses for all, making the experience fun and relaxing. The mother of the bride stated to me the “morning after” that her daughter’s hair and makeup were still in tact the next day!