Nichole at the Hilton Hotel

Dan and I just got back from visiting Christine (of Christine Verton Photography) and she shared some AWESOME photos with us from a wedding that we did together back in May!

Now I have to mention that we LOVE Christine’s studio space! It is on 41 – right near 5th Ave – around the corner from us! The space is great – perfect for shoots and has a great display area in the front! Christine took Dan and I back to her editing station and shared some of the photos from the wedding – while looking through the photos it reminded me of the wedding day and Nichole.

Dan and I loved being a part of Nichole’s wedding. She is one of those brides that I don’t think really realizes how beautiful she is. She has great skin, bone structure to die for, and is so nice!

I hope you love these photos of Nichole as much as we do!

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