Awesome Shoots With Cat

Dan and I met Cat through Dan’s sister and her love of riding horses. Cat and her husband Andrew own Naples Horse Stalls (a really nice barn for people to board their horses). Now one thing that I love about Cat is she is basically fearless – so when she told me that she wanted to do a photoshoot in the swampy area on her property wearing leaves and little else, we were totally in.

I do have to say this, Cat photographs like a dream – I love her bone structure and she has a very athletic body with nice muscle tone.

Dan put multiple types of braids in her hair to add lots of interesting texture – and to make it almost tribal. For the finishing touch, some black feathers to add contrast.

For her makeup, I did a full body foundation to even her out and to add the slightest tan. I also heavily contoured the face to show her amazing bones, added “glow” to make it look fresh, used light colored eyeshadows with very dark lashes. The result was a bit wood nymph, a little cast-away, and very sexy.

Special thanks to Alvero Poveda Photography and Cici Liz Photography for their amazing shots!

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