Our Judy Lin at the Naples Hilton


Daniel and I have had the pleasure of being a part of many of the weddings at the Hilton Hotel in Naples. One of them was Judy back in September. It was an intimate wedding party – and we were originally only supposed to do hair and makeup on location for the bride.

One of Judy’s main concerns was her “mono-lid”, and the other was that she did not want to feel like she was wearing a lot of makeup. I was able to do a light contour on her lid, followed with custom eyelases that really opened up her eyes. I was really careful to blend her natural lashes with the false as well (it is very common with this tye of eye for the lashes to either stick straight out or down). After blending and doing a double false lash we were both very happy with the result – a bigger looking eye without looking like a ton of makeup.

After Judy was finished with her makeup and Daniel started on her hair, Judy’s mom then decided that she would love to have her makeup done as well. She was even more of a minimalist – but I think she was more than pleased with the result.

Here is what Judy wrote for us after the wedding:  

You will look flawless and feel like you’re not wearing any makeup at all! I received so many compliments on my hair and makeup – and since my wedding was very emotional (in a good way) I cried a lot and my makeup lasted throughout the evening into the wee hours of the morning – without fail or worry! I truly never looked better in my entire life! Both David and Daniel really listen to you and will not only give you what you want, but give you the best recommendations for your skin tone, care, and face shape – which is so important for me being Asian and having mono-lid syndrome! It was an amazing experience all around! You not only want to get someone who is awesome at what they do, but also makes you feel comfortable and happy and is able to do that for your family and bridal party as well! Best of luck to you brides out there and choose David and Daniel!!!

Here are two of my favorite photos from her wedding – you can see how beautiful Judy looks and how great her mom looks as well!

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