Sarah on Captiva Island from December 11th 2010

Sarah was what we call a destination bride – a bride that travels to the location of her wedding, aka not a local girl. In these instances, sometimes we do not have the opportunity to do a full trial run – or even meet the bride before the day of the wedding. This was partially what happened. Sarah decided not to do a full trial – mostly because she did not have the time, and we are awesome (I added the last part in….but it is totally true). We talked about adding some extensions to her hair to add thickness and some length and she was all for it. So we matched her up for her own set and she was on her way.

I have to take a moment to talk about hair extensions – it is very important to make sure that your hair extensions are made from 100% HUMAN HAIR. There are lots of different types of extensions for every budget, however if the extensions you choose are not made of 100% human hair you will NOT be able to do thermal styling (i.e. curling iron, flat-iron etc) it will MELT. It is imperative that you have a beauty professional pick them out for you so you are not stuck with melted hair.
FYI – extensions can still be called 100% human hair even if it has other fibers blended into it.

It was an early start that morning for team Daniel and David (Captiva Island is an hour and a half from our house) and we had to be on location at 9am…which means we had to leave the house at 7:30am…yay for coffee!

When we arrived at the house, it also seemed that 9am was an early start for team bride as well – but they had a quick rally and we were able to get them started after their own jolt of java. The house that the bride was staying in on Captiva Island was beautiful – and HUGE! The bride was also hosting the reception for their wedding at the house (smart idea) and then throwing everyone out and to have a quiet honeymoon.

Here is what the bride said about us:

Let me start by saying how incredibly wonderful my entire experience was with David and Daniel. They made my family and friends feel absolutely beautiful. I have never felt more like a princess. My hair and make-up was complimented all through the night. I am so proud to have their talent grace the pictures I will hold so dear for all time. Thanks guys!!!

I only have a few photos from this wedding, but I know that you will enjoy them as much as we did!

A major thank you to Kakes by Karen (who does AMAZING cakes by the way) for referring us this wedding. If anyone is looking for a cake decorator for their wedding – or anything, she is the one to ask for:

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