The Art of the Boudior

So, the other day I was stalking away on Facebook when I noticed that Maria Angela posted on my wall – and it said something to the effect “I need you both in the worst way” (or something like that – I may have puffed that quote up a bit). But in my mind that is exactly what she said – so I immediately sent her a message back telling her to call us. Which she did – quite quickly I must add, and she told us of a boudoir shoot that she had coming up that she needed some amazing hair and makeup for.

For those of you who do not know what “boudoir” is here goes: it literally means a woman’s private quarters or bedroom, stemming from the French word boud to pout or sulk. Thus evolving into the boudoir photo shoots of women in negligees on beds with sexy, pouty faces.

Dan and I were very excited to work with Maria Angela again – we had not worked with her since Jen’s Wedding at the Botanical Gardens (check that post out to see more of her work).

Boudior day came, Dan and I arrived at Maria Angela’s house to get set up for our awesomeness. We chatted a bit, because to be honest with you this was the first time we had actually met face to face. She told us a little about our model Ileana, a bride getting married in June. She wanted a smokey eye, but not too smokey with a nude lip and very, very clean skin. For the hair she wanted tossled curls with lots of shine.

Dan and I are very excited about Ileana’s wedding in June! I know you all will love these photos as much as we do!

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