Behind the Scenes Part 1: Color at the Salon

A couple of weeks ago Dan and I had the pleasure to be a part of a photo shoot again with Christine Vertin ( The theme was “Old Hollywood Glamour” and I had a blast going through all of the books that we have at home with photos of Marlene Dietrich, Hedy Lamarr, Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly, Gretta Garbo and many others to find inspiration for this shoot.

To accomplish this look, we had to find a timeless beauty…and I knew that I had to look no further than Lorena Placencia who we had worked with many times before and gave us AMAZING results.

Now, because I can, I am going to give you all one sneak peek from the photo shoot:

Dan and I wanted the focus of the shoot to be on the hair (color, style, etc.) so invited Lorena in for some hair TLC.

On the right is what Lorena’s hair looked like before Dan colored it  and cut it. As you can see, Lorena has 3 distinct color patterns going horizontally (very light near the root, medium brown/red midshaft, and then medium blond at the ends). Her hair is also pulling a lot of ash, which is not doing much for her skin tone.

On the left is what Dan chose for her finished look. He warmed up her base color (and brought it closer to her root shade) and then added “sun kissed” highlights to create subtle dimension. As you can see her skin tone is “popping” and her hair looks more shiny and healthy.




To accomplish the hair color that he wanted, Dan put a million foils in (well not realy…but it seemed like it) and then used a glaze/toner to condition the highlights, add shine, and to even out the color of the highlights. I love this photo of Dan and Lorena!



The next post: Behind the scenes at Christine Vertin’s (and I may show a few more of the photos from the shoot)!

Special thanks to Christine Verton, Lorena Placencia, and Petunia’s Clothing for making this possible.

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