Part 3: The Final Photos

As you all may remember, we did an awesome photoshoot with Christine Vertin (photography), Lorena (model) and clothing by Petunia’s – with hair and makeup by us. We wanted the focus to be on the hair – so we invited Lorena into the salon so Dan could make her hair photo-ready with some sun-kissed highlights and evening out of the base color.

We then showed you some awesome behind the scenes shots of us changing the hairstyle and makeup. Loved those photos!

Today we are debuting the super-slick finished images from the studios of Christine Vertin!

Daniel and I looked at lots of old Hollywood style photos to get inspiration for the shoot and I think that it shows!

I was really impressed with Lorena, that girl knows her poses. She knows her light and her angles – a must for every model. She really made our shoot look GREAT!

I love the clothing from Petunia’s – each piece was unique and so wearable.

Please let me know what you all think, I know that I will be using these images on lots of our advertizing!

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