Top 5 Wedding Hair & Makeup Trends 2011

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Top 5 Wedding Hair & Makeup Trends 2011

Daniel Glemser and David Frohmberg are an award-winning hair and makeup team that were blessed to be a part of over seventy weddings last year from Southwest Florida to Seattle Washington. Daniel has over 30 years experience in the hair industry and he specializes in dimensional color, precision cuts, and updo styles. David is an accomplished and creative makeup artist with an innate ability to bring out your natural beauty which will translate like a dream on film. Their expertise and knowledge guide many brides on how to create the perfect hair and makeup look for their wedding day.
1. The Beachy Curl
A perfect hairstyle for brides that love the soft romance of cascading curls. This look was popularized by the way naturally curly hair begins to relax and soften after a day of frolicking on the beach. To mimic this look make sure that the curl is not too structured, there is volume in the crown, and the hair is shiny.
Beauty Note: Make sure your professional hair stylist uses a thermal spray to lock out humidity and protect the hair from the high temperatures of thermal styling.

(photo credit: Cher Hanna Photography)
2. The Side Bun
This is the perfect style for a red carpet look – even for the girls with shorter hair. This style can be sleek, highly textured, or with lots of volume. This type of style works for just about everybody – the placement will depend on length of your neck, your face shape, and type of veil/flowers in your hair. This diverse hairstyle is also perfect for naturally curly hair and will photograph beautifully.
Beauty Note: Make sure your professional hair stylist secures your hair style so that it will last through the final dance.

(photo credit: Luminaire foto)
3. The Modern Vintage
This works for both hair and makeup. Many brides are now asking for modern takes on more classic looks and the bride magazines are doing the same. Doing a vintage or classic look with your hair and makeup will create a timeless image that will always look good. These looks are called “classic” for a reason – they use silhouettes and techniques that have stood the test of time and trends.
Beauty Note: Make sure your professional hair and makeup artists are on the same page for your wedding look – schedule a trial run so you can see their level of expertise!

(photo credit: Jeff Greenough)
4. The Dark Lip
Beautiful, chic, and very sexy – many brides are opting for more dramatic lips. It is essential to have the lip lines sharp and even, if not it will age the lips. When doing a makeup look that has the focus on the lips, it is best to keep the eyes simple. This does not mean that the eyes are bare, make sure that the eyelashes are lush and full, the crease is enhanced to create lift, and the brow is fuller to balance out the drama that a colorful lip can bring.
Beauty Note: Make sure that your professional makeup artist preps your lips first by lightly exfoliating the lips with a wet, warm washcloth then hydrating with a lip balm. This primes and smoothes the lip so the color goes on evenly.

(photo credit: Christine Vertin Photography)
5. The Glow
Very few people want their foundation to look like foundation anymore. Gone are the days when we piled it on with a spatula – brides now want their foundation to look like nothing, as if they had perfect skin in the first place. The most important thing to remember when applying foundation is to keep it simple – apply foundation only in the areas where it needs evening out, then use concealer on the areas that need extra coverage. Be conservative with powder – too much can lead to a “cakey” finish. Use shimmering powders on the top of the cheekbones to add a dewy glow.
Beauty Note: Choose a foundation that has a finish that mimics the texture of clean moisturized skin. Then use a light weight powder in the t-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) to lessen shine.

(photo credit: Maria Angela Photography)
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