More Awesomeness from Stephanie and Colin from 1-1-11

The first post we did on our blog was the first wedding we did this year on January 1, 2011 at the Edison Ford Estates in Fort Myers Florida for Stephanie and Colin.

After the wedding Stephanie’s mom Jan sent Daniel and I the nicest card – below are some excerpts:

 Thank you both for making Stephanie’s wedding picture perfect. Luminaire foto gave us your name after Stephanie had a horrendous makeup trial run – can we say hooker!YIKES! I thought her Dad was going to pass out when her saw her. Then I saw her go from high stress mode to complete relaxation after she met with you both in the salon. You gave her the look that she was after and she still looked like herself!

I want to thank you both for coming to our house on New Years Day in Fort Myers at 8am – it was so gracious of you!

Of course I have never had an updo in my life and that was such fun, I felt like Cinderella after Daniel and David were finished with me – of course with the broken toe I still wouldn’t have  been able to get on that damn slipper!

We so enjoyed your charm, wit, and personality. You both put everyone in such a wonderful relaxed state that it set the tone for an absolutely stress-free day! It is clear that you both enjoy what you do and elevate everyone else in the process.


Here are some more AMAZING photos by Luminaire foto of Stephanie and Colin


Below is the AWESOME foto video that Luminaire foto did for Colin and Stephanie. I love how Karl and Nanette use stop-action photography to make a short video of the entire wedding!



Dan and I had so much fun doing their wedding up in Ft Myers – it was a bit of an early morning, but this is what we do folks!

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