More Awesomeness from Cat

As many of you know, Dan and I don’t just do weddings – we get to do other fun things like photo shoots! It is a great way for Dan and I to express ourselves artistically and we get some kicking (yes, I said it) photos.

Cat, one of the models that Dan and I work with frequently (and might I say a bit of a muse to us), hit me up on facebook to tell me of a concept that she was working on with one of her photographers. Was I thrilled – yes. Why does everyone ask – because Cat has this ability to look completely different for every shoot.

The theme for this photo shoot was “Sleepy Hollow” and this time Cat had a personal entourage of one with her by the name of Faustina Rose. Faustina is a stylist for photo shoots, and let me tell you – I was quite impressed. She has great taste, expressed herself well, and was easy to work with. All in all –  a great collaboration.

For the hair, Dan used a very, very small curling iron and in small sections curled her entire head and then back-combed it all at the root to give it lift, volume and “oomph”.

For the makeup, I paled out her skin, darkened her eyes and then used white mascara to give it an eery effect. (good, right?)

The photographer for this shoot was Rudy Triana and we were thrilled to finally work with him – I love the way that he edits photos – definitely a master!

Hoping to work with this group again soon – as you all can see the result was AMAZING!

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