Wedding in Seattle Part II – Greg and Danielle – Getting Ready

Our trip to Seattle was not all fun and games – we also had a wedding to do! Which was, to be honest with you – a lot of fun. Dan and I had not seen Danielle and Greg in a few months and we were dying to see them right after we landed. So, we gave them a call….and no one answered. So we ate lunch and gave her mother a call……also no answer….but that was okay, because there was lots to see in the Seattle area (as you saw from yesterday’s post). But I was starting to get a little worried that we were not hearing back from anyone….so I did what any good stalker would do, we stopped by her mom’s house to see what was going on. Now, this is not as creepy as it seems – we were supposed to stop by her mom’s house to do some blow-dries and get the wedding details…we kinda sorta had an appointment…in a way.

So we arrive at her mom’s house and ring the doorbell and no one answers….starting to think that people in Seattle don’t communicate like the rest of the world, or that the wedding got moved to another state and no one told me, or that the wedding was last weekend and everyone is now on vacation. So, while I was having heart failure with a side of panic attack a figure came towards the door and answered it. It was Danielle, our bride. And she did not look too happy. I then had a whole other set of hospital grade heart palpitations when I thought she was going to say the wedding was off. She opens the door and gives us a HUGE hug and we ask if everything is okay. She weakly says, “not really”.

 It turns out that the wedding was still on, people in Seattle do like to answer their phones, get married, and see their hair and makeup artists from Florida…the snag was that she got food poisoning and was trying to rest. Is it terrible of me to think that food poisoning was good news?

So, we bring our suitcases filled with magic into her mom’s house and start pampering our bride – and she slowly started perking up. She started to smile, laugh, and feel better….isn’t it amazing what a little hair and makeup action can do!

We loved doing the hair and makeup at her wedding location – the lighting was phenomenal and the was NO HUMIDITY!!!

The photographer for this wedding was awesome – Susie Hamidi – – I can’t wait to show you the formals!

Check us out for part III soon – wedding photos!

We can’t thank Danielle and Greg enough for letting us be a part of their wedding – we loved the trip. Remember girls, we go just about anywhere to do weddings – have suitcase will pack it up!

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