Seattle Wedding Part III – The Beautiful Danielle (and Greg) – Formal Photos

This wedding was BEAUTIFUL! Dan and I started our day at 9am to do the bridal party (10ish people) and it was a ton of fun. I really don’t think we stopped laughing…seriously.

My favorite part of the wedding was the fact that we got to spend 3 days with the wedding party – Day One: Haircuts and Treatments at Danielle’s house; Day Two: Greg’s haircut with hair and makeup at the hotel for the rehersal dinner; Day Three: Wedding Day Awesomeness! We really felt like part of the family!

Dan’s favorite part of the wedding was the bridal brunch that Mary (Danielle’s mom) prepared for the bridal party and us! It was a great moment when we all got to sit down, relax and enjoy some food and good company. They set the table up in the hotel courtyard that overlooked a preserve and water garden – so relaxing and delishious! I think it really set the mood for the rest of the day!

Below is what Danielle wrote about her experience with us on her wedding day:

Dan and Dave are wonderful!!! They are an absolute wedding must! They flew cross country to get myself and my gals ready for my big day. Not only did they do an exceptional job on all of us but they made the day getting ready so much fun. I was so relaxed and they made me feel so loved and taken care of. My Dad (the Father of the Bride) said of all wedding details, having Dan and Dave there to do our Hair and Make-up was “really was a nice touch and made the wedding”. I can’t thank them enough for the job they did. I would recommend them to anyone. They are professional and amazing at what they do!!

Funny story: So, all of you who have been to Seattle know the web of roads/bridges through their amazing city – for those who don’t here it is….

Seattle is an amazing city, however – it is really, REALLY easy to get lost in their fair city especially if the driver (who will not be named…but is an awesome hair stylist) was paying more attention to how Mt Ranier looked than where we were going. The good thing is that people in Seattle are really, really nice and all we had to to was roll down the window and ask for directions!

Hope you all loved our Seattle Wedding as much as we did!

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