Awesome Shoots with Angie Seaman Photography

It all started a few months ago when Angie saw Dan and my hair and makeup AWESOMENESS on Facebook and wanted to use us for one of her shoots…unfortunatly, it did not work out that time. But she called us again and we worked our magic!

After all the months of chatting online, on the phone, and via email it was great to finally see the real Angie walk through the doors. She is super nice, easy to work with, and as you will see in the photos also has a clear vision, talented, and a very nice camera.

Lindsey, our model for the day was the cutest thing on two legs – and a pleasure to work with!

The over all look for the shoot was fairly casual, but Angie said that we could have some fun with the hair and the makeup.

Daniel styled Lindsey’s hair up, but did it in a way that throughout the shoot it could be taken down to create different looks. I love how he twisted the front back to add texture and left the top free and slightly spiky to give some visual interest.

I kept her makeup fairly natural with a nice pop on the eyes. Since her skin was naturally tan, I decided to do her eyes darker to show some contrast with her bronzy skin. I ended up using deep bronzes and a shimmery blue-black to deepen her outer eye, and then gold and rose gold to brighten the inside of the eye. And, of course, a custom set of individual eyelashes to give a lush lash line.

Below are some of the photos from the shoot – let me know what you all think! Also check out her website: worth visiting!

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