The Beautiful Denise from December

As many of you have guessed, Dan and I love to do weddings. Here are some fun facts about the weddings that we get to be a part of:

About 95% of our weddings we do on location, leave the driving to us – trust me we bring a salon on wheels
75% of our brides we get as referrals from other awesome wedding vendors
10% of our brides do not do a trial run – because they believe that we are amazing – or they are from out of the country..or both
15% of our brides we get because they had a bad hair and makeup experience during their trial
100% of our brides think that we are borderline amazing and should be found in the thesaurus as a synonym to awesome.

 (Well the last fun fact I just made up – but I am sure that they all agree with it)

 Daniel and I had the pleasure of being a part of Denise’s wedding back in December right after Christmas. It was a great time of year to get married as well – the weather is perfect and if I remember correctly we had 3 weddings between Christmas and New Years Day!

Dan and I knew very little about Denise except what we spoke about on the phone. Due to the Holidays she was unable to meet with us before the wedding to do a trial run, which was no big deal.

We prefer to do a trial run – it gives the bride a chance to see her dream hair and makeup look on her BEFORE the wedding day. This way we can tweak anything that she wants changed, or try something different before the wedding. This way everyone is on the same page before the wedding ceremony.

Denise had found us online through a wedding site called Wedding Wire – if you are not familiar with it, it is amazing. Brides log in and rate wedding vendors that they chose for their wedding. Check us out on there:!

Denise had us meet her near Bonita Beach in a really nice condo that had spectacular views. We set up shop in the Master Suite and got to work!

We originally were only supposed to do hair and makeup on Denise (the bride) and her daughter – who by the way was too cute…but then her mother saw how much fun we were having and how good everyone looked and she wanted to get signed up as well! We love it when others want to join the party.

Below is what Denise wrote about her experience with us on Wedding Wire:

Dave & Daniel were both awesome and really helped to make my big day perfect! I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted for hair and makeup (other than natural) but they really amazed me with the results! My 11 year old daughter’s hair was perfect and the light makeup looked beautiful. Although not planned, Dave & Daniel also accommodated my mom’s hair/makeup for the day. This woman is not easy to please and they somehow managed to accomplish this feat!! They were both professional and we had a fun time during the session!

As we were leaving her photographer Michelle Reed (who we love) was walking in!

Dan and I had so much fun with Denise, her daughter and her mom – and I really think that Michelle captured the fun in her film.

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