The Beautiful Jill from May 7th

The Mother-In-Law Connection

This wedding journey started well over a year ago when Jill’s soon to be mother-in-law walked through the salon doors looking for a hairstylist while she was down for the season. Mary Jo – or MJ as she prefers to be called sat in Sir Daniel’s styling chair armed with her formula and a clear vision of what she wanted. All I can say is that Mr. Sir Daniel totally nailed it and MJ has become a regular.

At the end of last season, MJ told us that one of her son’s was getting married in Naples – and she saw that we did a lot of weddings (which is totally true by the way) and that she was going to send Jill in to see us.

Pedicures and Wedding Hair

The first meeting with Jill was very informal, and almost did not even happen. So, Mr Sir Daniel and I were working on clients at the salon when I get a text from MJ asking us how we liked Jill – and I texted her back that I had not met her yet. MJ then texted us letting us know that Jill was getting a pedicure at the salon and we should totally go introduce ourselves. Which we did. Jill and I chatted for a bit, and I could tell that she was really hesitant about hair and makeup for her wedding. Jill loves a more natural look, and was actually considering doing  the hair and makeup herself.

Jill came in for her trial run with a fairly clear picture in her head what she wanted her wedding hair to look like – soft, sexy, romantic, and not structured. This style was perfect for Jill – half-up and half down with soft curls. She decided that her good girlfriend was going to do the makeup for her wedding, but I was going to put a custom application of individual false lashes.

Beige and S&M

Now, I have to share this story with you all. After months of MJ being Dan’s client – Dan felt that he could be “real” with MJ – and it turns out that MJ knew how to be “real” also; and let me tell you…being “real” can be really, really funny.

So, after applying some color on MJ’s roots (and after quite a few laughs) MJ was telling us about her quest for a dress for the wedding. This is where she told Dan and I that she felt that it was her duty as Mother-In-Law to “shut-up and wear beige” – which I thought was hilarious because this was one of those weddings where everyone got along with everyone else.  Now, Daniel does not miss a beat and asked MJ if she thought about S&M…..and she looked at Daniel like he had 10 eyes…and said…”S&M?” Dan said, “yeah, if you are going to be beige and quiet you should totally try S&M…you know, standing and modeling”.

The Wedding Day

We started our day off at the Naples Beach Hotel in Jill’s room, and it was a beautiful set up! The wing of the hotel that we were in has a very fun old Florida/Keys feel…very beachy and very fun! We were thrilled when Austin Trenholm (their photographer) arrived – we have wanted to work with his team for quite some time. I know that you are going to love the photos as much as we did. Jill chose the  Naples Botanical Gardens for the location of her reception – we LOVE this place.

Below is what Jill wrote about Dan and I on The Knot and Wedding Wire:

From the moment I met David and Daniel, a year before my wedding, I knew that they would be the ones to have with me on my wedding day! Not only did they provide AMAZING hair and makeup for my girls and I, but they also helped me to relax, laugh, and truly enjoy my morning before I walked down the aisle. They were the first faces I saw that morning, and they were smiling (despite the rain!) and stress-free, despite all the work they had ahead of them. They worked smoothly and efficiently, and helped each of my bridesmaids looks her best.

They especially saved the day with my friend Kyley, who had just had a horrific haircut the week prior. She wasn’t planning on having her hair done and was stressing about what she would do. Without hesitation, Daniel told her to sit right down and he worked his magic, giving her the cutest hairstyle of the bunch!!

5 star service all the way!

Here are some of the photos that I chose from Austin that really show off the hair:

So, what did we learn from this wedding? Mother-in-law’s can be right, S&M is fun, and Sir Daniel can fix any disaster haircut and make it adorable!

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