Teaching A Class

A few months ago I had the pleasure of working with Peggy Farren and her Photography Meet-up Crew at her studio to teach a class on makeup. I wanted to teach them the basics – so when they are out on set and there is a problem with the makeup, or there is no makeup artist, they know what to do.

The basic outline for the class is below – thanks to the amazing Peggy for the AWESOME wording…you make me sound so good…;)

Learn makeup techniques that you really NEED to know as a photographer or model!

The fabulous David Frohmberg will teach a HANDS-ON class on makeup techniques.  We’ll be able to practice the techniques David teaches us with him supervising and helping.

1. What should be in your makeup kit.
2.  Brushes – what do they all do?
3.  Proper sanitation
4.  How to choose a foundation (this is way more important than you might realize).
5.  Contouring – muscle structure, taking away, adding.
6.  Eyes – lift an eye, easy smoky eye, three-step eye
7.  brows
….. and much more!!!

I ended up talking more than I expected (shocking, right?) – but the girls were having such a great time that I just had to share!

Here are some basic tips that I shared during my class:

1. Brushes are your tools for your craft. Please have a good set of these and use them, a great set of brushes can make the biggest difference in the end result of your application.

2. Sanitation is key. You can be the best artist in the world, but if your kit and brushes are dirty – no one will want you to touch them. Clean your brushes after every use and wash your hands between clients. They will love you and I will love you – and no one will get any strange diseases.

3. Makeup is one part color theory, one part anatomy and one part geometry. Understanding how they all work together is essential.

4. The product in your kit is a reflection on you. It is important to have high-end brand names in your kit – your clients expect it.

5. Makeup is a very expensive habit, I understand that. Your kit will not appear overnight, it takes time.

6. Liquid Foundation, Lipstick, Glosses etc all have expiration dates – if it no longer looks, feels, smells like the day you first purchased it – THROW IT AWAY!

7. Makeup is fun, and please have fun with it. Remember, it always washes off.

I would love to teach you application techniques – I can do it in a group setting (like the class) or private lessons.

Here are what the girls said about my class:

Not only does David really know his stuff, but he was also a great teacher! He taught, reinforced, showed us, let us practice, reinforced again! He taught SO MUCH in such a short period of time! We had so much fun and learned so much!!

This was excellent. David is a great teacher and artist. The work he did on us was very impressive. I learned a great deal.
This class was fun and informative. David helped us all learn how to make our clients look their best and even better he gave each of us makeup advice on how to improve our own look.
Great class for those who are interested to do make up on their own but also for photographers to be informed on how can GOOD make up make their work much more easy and fun. Less editing and more concentrating on people, light and posing. Great experience!!
I had such a great time with the girls doing the class – and I would do it again in a heart-beat. Email Peggy at info@naplesportraits.com or call us (239) 263-7001 to get another class going!
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