The Power of The “Before and After” Part One

I love how this photo really shows off the power of great hair color and makeup artistry.

I have always loved a great “Before and After” photo to show the power of transformation. A lot can be done with a little bit of makeup, some color, and a great hair cut and style. When these are used – it can make someone look completely different – sometimes unrecognizable. Other times it enhances the look of an individual and makes a glamorous version of themselves.

The 2 photos below has not been retouched or altered in any way let’s start it off!!!


Taking a client from light to darker with dimension

I love the way that Daniel created the color scheme and cut for this client. Notice how the blond color was washing out her skin tone and washing out her skin? Also notice how the layers in the haircut were pretty – it was not doing anything for her, it made her haircut look disheveled. We all loved how Daniel deepened her base and warmed it up with a soft reddish-brown. He then added dimension with a few well-placed highlights on the top focusing on the fringe to brighten the overall color scheme to give a sun-kissed finish. I love how the haircut also gave her a lift!


I love how this photo really shows off the power of great hair color and makeup artistry.

This before and after is one of my all time favorites for over-all transformations. Christina came to us for a “new look”. Daniel took one look at her and said, “I don’t care if you are a natural blonde, it is not your color”. Daniel first gave her an amazing hair cut that framed her face instead of just hanging there.  Next, Daniel chose a color that enhanced her skin-tone, instead of washing her out. Christina’s skin pulled red due to her acne and a lot of people would be so scared to add more red to the equation, but what it does is almost neutralize the amount of redness in her skin.  Now I have to mention that all the professional color that was used on both girls is from GOLDWELL – and as you can see it is an absolutely amazing color line – rich colors that fade on tone so that it looks like real hair! When it came to the makeup I made sure that I was able to neutralize the redness out of her skin – then after a full contour I chose a blush that would not accentuate her natural flush, but would neutralize it. I chose a warm coral color (yellow cuts red) and it gave her a beautiful, natural flush! Coordinate that with a lipstick and an poppin eye and we call it a night!

Would anyone be interested in me doing a step by step with this makeup routine? Let me know!

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