The Power of the “Before and After” Part Two

How do we follow up from the first before and after that I wrote about a bit ago? By showing and writing about one that was even more awesome! This posting is about something that (I am sure) many makeup artists have been asked, “can you cover this tattoo for me”. Some even say, “it’s no big deal, and it won’t take too much time, but can you cover this for me”.  Just like anything in life, just because I make it look easy – does not mean that it is not an easy task.

Case in point, the below photo. Brianna came to us for her wedding and she wanted her back tattoo covered because she wanted to wear a strapless gown (which was GORGEOUS by the way) and she did not want the tattoo to compete with the look that she was going for. Now, some people may say – “why cover the tattoo when she obviously wanted it there in the first place?”. My answer, (and not to be rude) but, “it is not my place to comment on it – she wants it covered so by all means, lets cover the crap out of it and make it look like it was never there”. Side note, Brianna knew that her tattoo cover up was going to take some work – so let’s walk through the process a bit!

Tattoo before and After
Tattoo cover by David Frohmberg, lead makeup artist at Salon Tease. Photos were not retouched in any way

When covering up anyone’s tattoo it needs to meet the following criteria:

1. The skin needs to match the areas that the makeup is covering
2. The skin needs to have the same finish as the makeup that is covering the tattoo.
3. The makeup needs to be photo friendly
4. The makeup needs be very resistant to friction, sweat and transfer.
5. It needs to look like the tattoo was never there in the first place.

Here is some friendly advise when covering tattoos:

1. Make sure you schedule plenty of time to properly cover the tattoo – it does take time. I gave myself 45 minutes to cover this one.
2. Be careful of color shifts in the tattoo – it will show through the makeup – so make sure you compensate for that.
3. KEEP IT SIMPLE!!!!  I only used 4 different products covering this tattoo – the more you add and the more layers you add equals a greater 
likelihood that the makeup will rub off.

Let me know if you all want to know what I used on Brianna!

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