The Beautiful Melissa at LaPlaya Hotel

Award-Winning Hair and Makeup by Salon Tease Naples Florida


I actually BOOKED my wedding date around David and Daniel being available. Yep, that’s right. I had three wedding date choices in mind and I chose the one they were available for. I have used both David and Daniel several times before my wedding, both for professional video shoots and just fun evenings out with the girls or my husband. 

I have always been thrilled with the results. When I leave their salon I feel like ten million bucks! It’s better than getting a massage! David is SO talented and genuinely cares about every detail and how you feel about your makeup, and Danny is fantastic. They both really understand how your confidence can be boosted by feeling great about yourself.

On my wedding day I wouldn’t leave my hair or makeup to anyone else. I’ve heard from my friends who had wedding hair and makeup done by other artists and were so nervous about how everything was turning out and checking on their face and hair every second that they didn’t even enjoy the time getting ready for their wedding.

NOT so here! David did my makeup in my bridal suite and I barely even looked at the mirror because I just knew it was going to be awesome. I was so relaxed and could just focus on chilling out with my girlfriends and getting ready. I had a beach wedding and it was windy outside so I was wondering how my hair would stay. Daniel did exactly what I was envisioning and not only did it stay, but it looked natural and didn’t look like it had a ton of spray. 

Miracle workers! Don’t even consider using anyone else for your wedding ladies!

P.S. – My dad cut himself shaving RIGHT before he had to walk me down the aisle and was noticeably scraped up. I brought him right into the bridal suite and David fixed all!

Here are the AWESOME photos by Astrid & Renee Photography – I love how it captured how happy they both are!

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