The Beautiful Jennifer on Marco Island

Daniel and I knew that this wedding was going to be beautiful from the get-go. Jennifer, our bride, is a model and her husband to be played professional football. Think Barbie and Ken – but they live and breathe. **Sigh ** Anyway……

Let’s take a closer look at the hair and makeup for Jennifer – Daniel (and Jennifer) chose to keep her hair down, soft with a California-esque beach wave. Almost like if she spent the entire morning surfing and enjoying the water and then she decided to pull part of hair up into an effortless looking modern style. Now, the real style did not occur like that – nor was it all that easy – it takes a lot of experience to make things look effortless..;) The makeup was a different story. Jennifer wanted something big and glamorous and I said, yes please!!!  I did a very modern smokey eye with a charcoal base with hints of purple based browns and the highlights we kept very warm with a soft opalescence. I kept the skin very clean and made sure that her tan was very enhanced coupled with a beautiful nude lip.

Check out the beautiful photography by New Ground Photography