The Beautiful Stephanie in Yardley, PA

Daniel and I first met Stephanie when she walked through the doors of our salon the summer before her wedding – not because she wanted us to do her wedding, but because she wanted her highlights retouched. While she was waiting for an appointment with Sir Daniel, she happened upon my wedding books that I had in the reception area at the salon and she was really impressed. Before she was even finished with her appointment, she had already called her parents to tell them that she had found her hair and makeup artists.

It wasn’t quite that easy.

We first had to meet the parents – I think they wanted to make sure that we were legit (and I don’t blame them) – and it turns out, that they actually liked us. We even did a trial on mom (color, cut, and makeup) and she was in love. So much in love that we got the wedding.

Daniel and I had such a BLAST doing the wedding – Stephanie’s family is AMAZING and we became quite close with all of them. In fact, when they are in town – they always stop in and Daniel and I love to see them. Casey, Stephanie’s sister, and I talk quite often and she hits me up on Facebook to ask us hair and makeup questions!

Check out what Stephanie said about us:

We had David and Sir Daniel fly up to Philly from Florida. I had my hair done by them when I was in Naples, Florida (which I found them through Yelp! and based on the amazing reviews, I trusted Dan 100% with my hair and he did a phenomenal job!) and I decided that they HAD to do my wedding. At first, my parents thought I was insane for the idea… they said there’s a ton of people to go to in our area. There was no way I could have someone else doing hair and make-up on my wedding day!! My Mom went for a trial in Florida before the wedding and she LOVED the job they did. However, my parent’s friends still thought I was crazy for having them come up to Philly! I said just wait… you’ll see! 🙂

Overall, I can’t even put into words what an amazing job these two did for my wedding!!!!! Everyone’s hair and makeup look PHENOMENAL!! They were so organized, professional, and hilarious! They calmed my nerves the morning of the wedding and stayed to touch up hair and makeup through out our pictures! The entire time they did anyone’s hair or makeup, they stopped several times to let us check in the mirror if it was exactly what we wanted. Everyone’s hair looked incredible, and the makeup was flawless. I can’t say enough good things about them! AND to top it off, during the reception, every single guest that said I was initially crazy for flying them up, came up to me and admitted they were 100% wrong and couldn’t believe how amazing everyone looked! 🙂

Highly highly recommend the “miracle workers” as we called them 🙂 Trust me, you’ll be SO happy with the results!! I wish they were closer to do my hair more often but I will definitely be seeing them whenever I’m in the Naples area!!! Thanks again guys!!!!

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