The Modern French Twist

Award-Winning Hair and Makeup by Salon Tease
Award-Winning Hair and Makeup by Salon Tease
Award-Winning Hair and Makeup by Salon Tease

“Modern” Hair

Daniel and I started noticing that a lot of our brides are starting to do more sleek styles – and let me tell you – we are loving it! French Twists, Top Knots, Pony Tails will always be chic and there is a timeless sophistication about them that we love!

So, why did Ingrid choose to have her hair this way for her wedding? Some girls it seems that their hair is allergic to curls – funny right? But it is true – there are some girls that no matter how hard you try the hair will NOT stay curly – and that is fine because we have options!

Our bride had heavy, thick, long blonde hair – great right? Absolutely! One of the first things that Daniel did was eliminate the bulk of her hair by taking the back of the hair and brushing it up into a tight high ponytail then taking the two back panels and folding the hair over each other (making two different french style twists).  Daniel then took the back ponytail and used that hair to make a bun for height. The front sections were then smoothed over the bun and Daniel added a beautiful third victory-esque roll on the top almost making a third French Twist – pretty cool, right?

This hairstyle was perfect for the bride – and she LOVED IT! One of the best things about having a sleek style – like a french twist – is that the style will be secure and it is not going anywhere. We had light rain that day and some of her photos were outside and this hair did not budge!

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