We got Published in Coastal Living!

Salon Tease Port Royal Wedding

I was thrilled when we got the call from Kelly McWilliams (Weddings by Socialites) to tell me that Gwendolyn’s wedding that we did back in April was going to be featured in Coastal Living Magazine – were we excited, ummmm yes!

Let’s give you a little background on how this happened – here goes:

I get a phone call from Kelly McWilliams (Weddings by Socialites) see if I am available on a certain date – it turns out that we are – then she makes sure that we are also available on the two days before the wedding date. Why, I ask – it turns out that her bride is having a 3 day affair – a Catholic Wedding in a Catholic Church, a welcome brunch, and then a beach wedding/party at the Port Royal Club. Then to top it off her bride wanted 4 hair artists and 4 makeup artists for the day of the Port Royal Club wedding. I took a deep breath and signed on the dotted line – we were in!

Later on in the year we got the pleasure of meeting Gwendolyn – and she was LOVELY! Super nice and very down to earth and easy to get along with – which was great because we were going to be seeing a lot of each other 😉 .

The day of the wedding arrived and it was a lesson in time management – we had the 4 hair artists and the 4 makeup artists (Daniel and I were the leads) and we set up – now, this is what I did not tell you – she had a large bridal party 16 in total and each artist was responsible for 4 girls and we had to get the entire thing done in 4 hours. For some, that might be stressful – but I knew that we had an amazing team that day and we had nothing to worry about!

Here is what Gwendolyn wrote about us:

David and Daniel got my family and I ready for many wedding events and their team also did my 14(!!!) bridesmaids hair and make-up for the actual wedding.

First of all, they’re super, super talented. I’ve lived in NYC for many years and they are on paar (if not better) with any top hair/make-up people there.
Everyone looked gorgeous and was happy. I can’t say enough about their talent.

Beyond their talent, they’re wonderful people and professionals. They were reasonable, timely and so, so easy to work with. We had the best (!!!) time with them. I only wish we could do it again! Salon Tease made the wedding fairy tale perfect.

Check out these awesome photos from Coastal Living:

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