The Power of the BEFORE AND AFTER Part 4

Blond Hair Before and AfterNew Year – new before and after! This time, lets just talk about hair and the lengths people go through to get long blond hair. Many people know us for the work that we do with weddings (hair and makeup on location) – but many don’t know that our lead stylist Sir Daniel is a very accomplished and sought after Master Colorist/Stylist with over 30 years experience.

Let’s analyze this situation: Jordan here has a very dark base – about a level 4 – with about 5 inches of regrowth. Her ends are a level 9 that are a bit on the brassy side. We asked what she wants her hair to look like: she wants her hair to be a natural looking “beigey” blond that looks like it grows out of her head that way AND she wants her hair to be longer. Whats’ the prescription? A million tight foils, a root touchup, a glossing toner, a trim, and then some extensions.

Blond Hair Before and AfterLet’s talk about the way the foils are being placed on Jordan’s head – Daniel did thin slices with no drop in between the foils to make sure that her hair was BLOND. Daniel also did not place any lightener on the ends of her hair – why is that? The ends of her hair are already at a color level that is light enough – also we do not pull through the lightener on her previously lifted ends because it can add stress to the hair which then can lead to damage. Daniel also uses minimal heat while the foils are being processed and then takes them down in the order that they were placed in (back to front) once the sections of foils are at a level that he wants (a level 9 that is close to color on her ends) he removes the foils with a quick rinse. Once all of the foils have reached the desired level he does a light shampoo because Daniel still wants to put a toner on the highlights and do a base breaker on the roots. A toner will re-protenize the ends of the hair to add strength, even out the color of the Blond Hair Before and Afterhighlight from the base to the ends, and add a ton of shine – I mean, who doesn’t love a good shimmering blond? 🙂

Now, lets talk about the base-breaker. Daniel uses a base-breaker to lighten the root area a few levels – its like a root touchup – but it lightens the color instead of depositing color. Daniel usually uses a higher volume (30 or 40 volume peroxide) with a color to create a beautiful root color that looks like the hair grows in that way.

The color looks great – the roots are lighter now than her natural base, but still slightly deeper than the highlights to create a more natural looking bright blond. When doing the highlights Daniel did not add lightner to the ends of the hair that were already lifted to minimize any damage. He then put a toner over the entire thing to re-protenize the hair to add strength, even out the color and add tons of shine. So now is a great time to do a beautiful deep conditioning treatment for our thirsty blondes.

Whew! Think we are done yet? Not quite – we still need to add some length and bulk to the hair byBlond Hair Before and After adding in some awesome extensions. Daniel applies the extensions via a system called HAIRLOCS – where he takes about 10 hairs and then places a small metal clip around the hairs, he then places the extension into the clip and then tightens the metal clamp around the extension and the clients small section of hair. No heat, no glue which equals minimal to no damage. For Jordan, Daniel concentrates the extensions on the back of the head to create length and fullness.

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