The Beautiful Lynsey at the Ritz-Carlton in Naples

Salon Tease Ritz-Carlton WeddingThe Ritz-Carlton does a beautiful wedding – and Lynsey’s wedding was no exception!

Let’s talk about her hair: The chignon – often mispronounced but asked for all the time. What is a chignon – it comes from the French phrase “chignon du cou” which loosely translates to “nape of the neck” – which in layman’s terms is a bun at the back of the head – see why we call it a chignon – it sounds so much more sexy 😉 . Daniel added height to the crown with some expert teasing and then smoothed it out to give it an effortless vibe. This height will then give the illusion that the cheekbones are higher by extending the 45 degree angle from the jaw past the ear all the way to the ceiling – its a great way to trick the eye.

What do you do for a girl that wants her makeup done for her wedding that does not want it to scream “I JUST HAD MY MAKEUP DONE – DON’T I LOOK AMAZING” – she want more of the “I look like this all the time – aren’t you lucky you get to wake up next to me”? Well, besides hiring me to do your wedding this is what you do: We kept the makeup very clean and classic with a slight twist – we did a very thin very dark liner on the inside rim of the entire eye to give it that “pop”. This look is perfect for the girl that does not like to wear a lot of makeup, but likes the idea of makeup (all my makeup artists out there know what I am talking about). This gives them the feel of a smokey eye without all the commitment – it also makes it so I don’t have to use dark eye shadows across the lid.

Check out these awesome photos from Audrey Snow Photography – love how these photos are soft and romantic but still feel very modern and fresh

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