The Beautiful Paula at the Naples Beach Hotel

Salon Tease Naples Beach Hotel Weddings

People often ask us – do you only do pretty little young things for their weddings – and I say, no we do beautiful people of all ages. Daniel and I had the utmost pleasure of being a part of Paula’s wedding at the Naples Beach Hotel – not only was she a beautiful bride, but one of the nicest people as well. The photos of this military themed wedding really show their love.

So, how did we do it? Paula is blessed with great skin, beautiful eyes and a great personality. When doing the makeup I made sure that I had a sheer to medium coverage foundation to give the illusion that I did not do any foundation at all – almost like she wakes up like this all the time. One of the most important parts of this is to MAKE SURE that the foundation is not overly matte. Why you ask? Matte skin looks like dry skin, and dry skin looks like old skin – and seriously, who wants to look like they have old skin. Since you don’t want matte and you really don’t want super shiny foundation you have to find the medium ground by using a foundation and concelear that mimics the sheen of clean skin. Then don’t be chincy with the highlighting and the contouring. This will give the face that bright lifted look that can shave years and bulk off the face. Just be careful that you don’t overdo it. Your bride’s guests are not going to want to see all the shadowing and the highlighting – remember to make it look effortless and BLEND!

Enough about what I have to say – here is what Paula had to say about us:

Forget Beautiful – Be BREATHTAKING!! Sir Daniel and David are in a word…Incredible! And that word doesn’t begin to do them justice. Every girl dreams of her wedding day, dreams of being beautiful for her groom – Sir Daniel and David make your dreams come true. They know exactly how to make your hair and makeup not only gorgeous, and perfect for you, but they make you the true star of your day. But they give you an extra special gift on your wedding day – the gift of peace. Knowing that you can just relax and enjoy the day, because you are in the best hands. I have been to many events all over the country but I have never been stopped by so many people telling me how beautiful I looked. I have never been asked so many times how in the world I did my hair. I have never gotten so many compliments . And to top it all off, at the end of the day my hair and makeup looked just as beautiful as when I first left the salon. Not a hair out of place and even with all of my tears of joy, before the ceremony, during the ceremony and after…., my makeup still looked flawless. If you want to be the breathtaking bride you’ve dreamed of – then look no further than Sir Daniel and David and the entire crew at Salon Tease. The best decision I ever made was placing my day in their hands.

Don’t forget to check out these awesome photos from New Ground Photography (these boys never disappoint):


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