Radar Photo shoot with Zee Anna

Hair by Sir Daniel Makeup by David Frohmberg Photography by Zee Anna  Model: Anya

Daniel and I have known Anna since she was 16 and we have watched her blossom into an amazing woman and extremely talented photographer. We have had the privilege to do quite a few shoots with this girl – and each one has become my favorite each time it is finished. We have great respect for people that have an amazing vision AND can execute it – as you will be able to see from the photos both are excellent.

Let’s talk concept: This shoot was loosely based on the Brittany Spears song “Radar”. Anna used the same model (Anya) for both looks over a 2 day period. The first day was the “male” concept: riding crop, natural makeup, modern side part. The second day was the “female” concept: big curly hair to the side, ball gown and some popping makeup. What made it cool was how she “stitched” the photos together to make them look like they were interacting the entire time. This took great planning (watching the shadows, where the lighting was, and directing where the action was going to be). Look at the photos below and watch the love story!

I will write a blog post later about the specific steps we took for the hair and the makeup!

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