It’s the day of the wedding – now what?

I was just thinking the other day that I never wrote about how to prepare yourself for your wedding day. Oops – not that – *wink *wink – more of how to be fully prepared for your hair and makeup with us when we are out on location. This is a rough guide that Daniel and I came up with after years of doing hair and makeup for weddings – following these tips will totally make your experience a smooth one!


Devynn 5Ok, I don’t care how many people write online (or in magazines) that it is best that the hair is slightly dirty for your hairstyle. Now granted – that is partially true – slightly dirty hair is best for styles. HOWEVER we can’t tell you how many times we have girls sitting in our chairs with what they call “2nd day clean hair” and in reality it is filthy. Well – filthy might be a little too harsh – just don’t be a dirty girl. In our experience we have found that coming to us with fresh clean dry hair is the best – we have products that can give the hair that “dirty” like ORIBE’S Dry Texture Spray or a light hold hairspray.

Here is a tip for the girl’s that like to use conditioner – start with the conditioner, rinse, then follow with your shampoo – this way your hair is not overly weighed down by the conditioner!
Simply speaking: Have clean, dry, hair for us – it styles better and it makes us happy.


Stephanie1Hydration is key for younger looking skin. I can’t say it enough times. Just don’t overdo it. There is such thing as too much of a good thing. Use a light hydrator (even if you have oily skin) this prepares the skin for makeup and it keeps your skin from leaching out moisture from the liquid foundation. So what does that mean in real speak? It means that if your skin is dry and you put liquid makeup on your skin – your skin will act like a sponge and absorb the moisture from the liquid foundation and make the skin look terrible.
Simply speaking: Using a light hydrator on your skin helps keep your makeup lasting all night!


rachel3Well, don’t burn it – just don’t wear one. We all know that bras were created to support the breast tissue. The only problem is that the straps and the clasp in the back create indentation lines in your skin that take HOURS TO GO AWAY. A lot of our girls wear strapless gowns and some even have plunging backs and the last thing you want to see is what gets left behind.  It is okay to let the girls hang free for a bit – and if you need to you can hum “I am woman hear me roar” while you let the bustier’s fly.
Simply speaking: Bras create indentation lines in your skin that the camera will see – so either drop your straps or don’t wear one. Period.


Elizabeth5Use the power of Pinterest to your favor – so instead of spending hours looking at photos of pillows and recipes – spend those hours looking at photos of hair and makeup so you can show them to your hair artist and makeup artist so they have a guide on how you want to look! This keeps us from making it up as we go along and then find out it was nothing like you imagined. And that makes us very sad. Don’t make us sad – bring a photo.
Simply speaking: We are visual people – show us photos of what you want to look like.

Let me know what you think! We love feedback!!!