Let’s Chat About Trial Runs

IMG_9655_1I think that a trial run is ESSENTIAL to make sure that everyone is on the SAME PAGE on the wedding day. I can not tell you how many times we have a bride that has an idea in her head on how she wants to look for her wedding. Then she sees the hair and makeup look on her and she realizes that it is not “her” – and we start brain storming on new ideas. That is why we do a trial so we don’t have to “make it up as we go along” on the wedding day. So when you are booking your trial with us – check out the quick tips below to make your trial and amazing trial.

IMG_9086 (1)_1

1. HAVE PHOTOS OF YOUR DRESS. Daniel and I like to create a “total look” for your wedding. We want to create a hair and makeup style that will compliment that perfect dress – not something that will compete.

2. BE HONEST WITH US. Daniel and I can not read your mind – we would be psychics if we could. Since we did not get that gift, we please ask you to participate while you are getting you hair and makeup done  and let us know if you love it. If you don’t love it – we will try to find a perfect look for you.

3. IT IS A TRIAL – NOT YOUR WEDDING DAY. For your trial Daniel and I will create beautiful hair and makeup. However, it will not be a perfectly polished complete look. We want the hair and makeup to be a surprise on your wedding day – so many times Daniel will take your hairstyle down and sometimes I will tweak the makeup to ensure that you get the big “wow” you are looking for.

4. IT’S OKAY TO BOOK ANOTHER TRIAL. We have some girls that have more than one trial – and you know what – it’s okay! It is so important to Daniel and I that you feel 100% comfortable on your wedding day. So if we don’t get what you are looking for – its okay to book more time with us.

5. BE FLEXIBLE. Sometimes what you think will look amazing on you is not all that amazing. Let us use our expertise to create something fabulous! 


Great Tip – After you have your trial run hair and makeup, have your photos taken with your photographer (like engagement photos OR boudoir)! Its a great way to see how amazing your hair and makeup are going to look AND you get to see how your photographer works as well!

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