ORIBE Class in our Salon!


Not too long ago we had an amazing opportunity to have a private class in our salon with Christian – one of the National Educators for ORIBE, and let me tell you – it was awesome!

If you didn’t know already – ORIBE is the products that we use at Salon Tease. Simply put – they are amazing! Check out our website (salonteasenaples.com) and read about the history behind ORIBE and each product has its own profile!

So, back to the class 😉 Daniel and I loved the class that we took in Atlanta (check out the blog post on that here) that when we had an opportunity to have one of the National ORIBE educators come to our salon we were like – “can he come yesterday?”

What we loved most about the class is that it was hands on – each of us had to bring in a hair model so that we could duplicate the style that Christian was teaching us. And, let me tell you – the hair style was pretty cool. It was based on a curl set – but instead of using rollers, we used rolled up magazines (see photos below) and we rolled them in a figure “8” pattern to create “S” waves that are really in style right now. If this is all greek to you – don’t worry, it’s okay – we have you covered.

Christian also gave us some great tips on how to use the ORIBE products on different hairstyles and blow-dry techniques. We were thrilled that he was able to take time out of his schedule to be a part of our salon.

I want to extend a HUGE thank you’s to the following:

Anna from Zee Anna Photography for taking gorgeous photos of this class for us!

Jennifer from ORIBE for letting us know about this class and  getting us hooked up.

Christian from ORIBE for taking the time out of his busy schedule to help us learn some new techniques.

Our hair models for letting us play with their hair.

Our amazing team at Salon Tease for taking a Monday that would usually be a day off and devote it to education.


Don’t forget to check out our website: salonteasenaples.com for more awesomeness!