The Beautiful Elysia

We are busting one out from the archives this time! This wedding was from a few years back, circa 2011 – check out the photo of me doing makeup 😉 – but you can still see that it could have happened yesterday. Why? The look is clean, classic, and not overly trendy – looks that will always transcend fashions trends. There is something to be said about that.

Daniel and I had a blast doing Elysia’s wedding – it was also one of the first weddings we did with Kehrin Hassan from JET SET WED. Both Elysia and her husband are professional ballet dancers from NYC and it was seriously very relaxing for us. Here is what they had to say about their experience with us:

Daniel and David did an absolutely beautiful job for our daughter on her Wedding Day! The only reason we gave them 5 stars is because 10 wasn’t available! We’d heard they were the best in town and they definitely delivered, making a house call for us in the midst of their busy schedule. We got off to an awkward start when I thought they were the photographers and asked if they could do the groom first. lol We cleared that up and when they met our daughter they exclaimed, “OMG, she’s gorgeous! This is going to be fun!” Everything was upbeat from that moment on. They shared laughs and stories, and helped everyone to relax. They gave her a lovely natural look, selecting the perfect colors and hairstyle that lasted all day and all night. She photographed as beautifully in the bright sunlight as she did at sunset, and with a flash. Our daughter is used to modeling and stage make up and was very picky about how she wanted things done. David and Daniel did an amazing job and made her the happiest, most beautiful bride she could ever have imagined being!

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