Two HOT Trends For Hair This Year: The Lob and the Modern Comb Over

Everyone loves staying on trend, right? Well – here are two HOT haircuts (one for men and the other for women) that is really on trend for the summer: the lob for women, and the modern comb-over for men. Both are versatile haircuts that can look completely different depending on how they are styled.


We love this hairstyle at Salon Tease – the “lob”, or the “long bob” is an extremely versatile haircut that can have layers, blunt (i.e. no layering) or with bangs. This style typically falls between the shoulders and the collarbone because the “bob” generally falls around the jaw-line. What we love about this style is that it elongates the neck, it is easy to style in multiple ways, and it is a great because it tends to make hair appear thicker and it hides damaged ends that tend to make hair look “stringy”.

There is a thousand ways to wear this hairstyle – it is long enough to be put into a messy “updo” – it can be blown dry straight, it can be curled, textured and “beachy”, or it can be full, voluminous and bouncy.


The name makes you want to smile – but this is a beautiful haircut for men that is a modern interpretation of  a classic barber’s cut – except that the top of the hair remains quite long and is cut at a 45 degree angle while the sides a cut really short – almost shaved for some – and a razor is used to accentuate the part in the hair.

This hair cut is also very versatile – it can be worn messy with pomades and waxes so the hair goes over one of the eyes or it can be slicked back – or to the side and back – or even a pompadour for a very sophisticated GQ look.


I think that these hair cuts are perfect because, like many things in the modern-world, they are capable of doing more than one thing. Our phone are cameras, calendars, and can search the web – these hair cuts can be messy and fun or sleek and sophisticated in a few seconds flat. Perfect for the modern woman or man who is looking for every aspect of their life to multi-task.

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