The Beautiful Diana at Pelican Marsh

Salon Tease Pelican Marsh Wedding

Daniel and I have known Diana for years – in fact, she was one of the first people that I met in Naples. I was at a networking event at a restaurant we chatted it up and we have been friends ever since!

I LOVED the way that Daniel did Diana’s hair style for the wedding. I have been developing a custom color for Diana for years now – that beautiful and mysterious smoky red and Daniel came up with a style that doesn’t just compliment the color – but really shows it off!

Let’s talk about the “bump”.

Daniel created a beautiful bump on the top of the style that gives height – but also notice how the back of the bump is at the same angle as the cheekbones which then extends that 45 degree angle that the cheekbones and the jaw creates that creates lift.  Lift and height are a beautiful thing because it creates the illusion that the cheekbones are higher than they really are – and lifted cheekbones make us look younger, and let’s face it: who doesn’t want to look younger 😉

Enough about what I have to say – look at what Diana said about her experience with us:

I have seen the beautiful work Sir Daniel and David have done on brides over the last seven years. I am blessed that they have always done an AMAZING job on my hair and makeup, As you can imagine, having known them for so long, there are no words to describe how excited I was to have them involved on my wedding day!!! They discussed how I wanted my hair and makeup but I pretty much left it up to them as they are the professionals!!! They came to my house for hair and makeup and also took care of my beautiful wedding party and special friends.

We all had such a great time and they do AMAZING work on hair and makeup…everyone looked SO BEAUTIFUL!! It has always amazed me how David can apply makeup and have you look so natural…or if you want to go with “smoky”…no one does it better!!! David also took extra time when we were getting pictures done to make sure my makeup and hair were perfect. They truly are the BEST at what they do and are two of the most caring individuals I have ever met. Anyone who uses them for “everyday” hair/makeup or just for your special day will know how special these two individuals are as they cater to your needs.

We had such a nice time being a part of their wedding – thank YOU Diana for letting us be a part of it! Here are some more AWESOME photos from Hunter Ryan Photography: 

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