Getting Married in the REAL WORLD

Ever since you were a little girl your dream was to get married outside and enjoy the glorious creation that surrounds you. The only problem is that your dream did not tell you that there is such things like gusts of wind that are more gale force than zephyrous, clouds can lead to rain, it feels like an oven outside, and it turns out that you don’t actually lightly mist like those debutantes of the 50’s and it is more like your own personal Niagara Falls. But seriously, don’t change your plans – we have things for that!


Salon Tease South Seas WeddingYou have your perfect hair style – it is the perfect mix of classy sophistication with a touch of modern. You nailed it.

Then you go outside to get a breath of fresh air and it hits you – that wind is out to get you. This wind is nothing like those gentle fans that you read about on photo shoots that lightly kiss the bronzed skin of those genetically impossible models – think more Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and you are about to be violently accosted into the land of the munchkins. Please don’t fret – there are some simple things that can be done to prevent your hair from being all Willow Smith on its own and you can whip your hair back and forth on your own terms.

First off – wear your hair up. It is the most secure way to make sure your hair stays all night. Second, braids are a perfect addition to a down style to grab those hairs in the front to keep them from blowing in your face. Third, a half-up half-down style is a great way to still have long delicious party of locs that cascade down your back while the front is all business and not in your face.



Salon Tease LaPlaya WeddingHumidity equals frizz – why is that? It is usually because the outer layer of the hair (the cuticle) is wide open and your hair is thirsty and it is trying to get moisture from anywhere that it can and it turns your gorgeous, silky Rapunzel locs into something a lot more wicked step mother – not so perfect for Prince Charming.

What can you do to battle frizz? It is actually pretty easy – make sure your hair is properly moisturized so that it will not try to grab moisture from the atmosphere. One very easy way is to do a hair gloss – this is an in salon treatment that re-protenizes the hair (strength) and smooths down the hair cuticle (tons of shine) and usually lasts about 20 shampoos. When the cuticle is open, it tends to grab onto moisture and let go of moisture quickly – and one of the ways hair gets moisture is from the air around you – if the cuticle is sealed by a gloss this GREATLY reduces the frizz factor. Another great way to combat this – especially if you have not had the chance to sample the awesomeness of a gloss – is to make sure that the styling products that are being used on your hair are anti-humectants.

What is this fancy word? Let’s break it down – anti (no or non) and then humectant (water or moisture) – no moisture – in other words, these products repel moisture from the hair by putting a sealant on the hair shaft so that the moisture around you does not affect the hair. This is very similar to a gloss – but this washes off immediately.


Salon Tease Bonita Bay WeddingSo it turns out that you indeed sweat- not the graceful light misting of a summer rain, but more of an Amazonian typhoon of skin excretions – pretty great, right? Don’t fret, we all sweat – here are some very simple ways to keep it at bay.

First, wear a skin primer before wearing makeup – this will prepare the skin and some even keep the skin from producing more oil and sweat! I really like the Graftobian Anti-Shine HD Foundation Primer for the super oily and sweaty and I use the MAC primer for everyone else!

Second, wear a long wear foundation – these foundations tend to adhere to the skin and can soak up the sweat and oil without sliding off. I am seriously obsessed with the Smashbox Studio Skin foundations – they say that they have a 15 hour wear, but trust me its longer. This stuff stays ON! It is best for oily to normal skin types. I have used it on drier skin and it does work – just be careful.

Thirdly, set with a mattifying powder – preferably translucent to really seal the deal up. I love the Mehron Ultrafine Makeup Setting Powder – its amazing and it has an anti-persperant in it and it lasts FOREVER. This power is perfect for the big sweaters and very, very hot/humid days.

So come wind, humidity, sweat and rain – it’s all good – we got you taken care of 😉

Thank you so much for reading my post – let me know how much you loved it!

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