Kill Worthy Makeup

Salon Tease Florida WeddingA little dramatic – well, maybe. But let’s say that in my mind it is totally true. I have spent (sorry Daniel) thousands of dollars on makeup over the years. My kit is my baby – everything that I have in there I have for a reason and I was thinking – why not write about a few products that revolutionized my makeup kit – products that are so awesome that I may just have to kill someone if I find out that they don’t make it anymore. Or even worse, have to kill you if I find that you took it ;)



stippling brushThis brush is my go-to awesome brush. I have it in three different sizes – large for foundation, medium for contouring or blush, and the small for concealer. What makes this brush so cool is the way that there are small fibers that stick out of the top of the brush so that when you apply any liquid or cream it gives it an amazing whipped “airbrushed” appearance. Liquid makeups tend to feel much lighter weight as well. By far my most favorite way of applying liquid makeup.


yslThis concealer changed my life. Seriously, it totally did. This product has the most amazing way of finding light and it illuminates the entire face. This is not just a concealer, it is also a highlighter, and so awesomely waterproof. Another thing that I totally love about this concealer is that it tends to “float” on the skin – i.e. it does not sink into the finer lines and wrinkles on our face (which can make us look older).


chanel-accent-blush-2When I first encountered this, I thought it was a bronzer and I was thinking that it was “just okay”. Then one day I could not find my taupe eyeshadow and this blush was sitting out and I tried it and it changed my life. For me it is the perfect product for the outside of an eyeshadow to blend it into the skin tone. It warms up the outside edges of your shadow and gives the illusion that you have been blending for hours. You have to try it – it totally works and looks amazing.


sephora waterproof pencilsThis one surprised me – to be honest with you. It was one of those days when I lost myself in Sephora and I was playing with products on my hand and I noticed that these pencils did NOT MOVE once settled.  To top it off – there are a TON of colors to choose from! I use it as an eye shadow base – or as a shadow on its own – its amazing. Some have a glittery finish (it can flake so be careful) and the others are more of an opalescent (love these). If it were not awesome enough – the black is a very VERY rich black BLACK.


jane iredaleWhen I first started doing makeup I was like: “I hate mineral makeup blah blah blah”. Well, it turns out I was just trying the wrong mineral makeup. The Jane Iredale powder foundations (there is a loose and a pressed cake powder) are pretty amazing. In fact, I love them. They are the perfect finishing powder to set foundations to give it that ultra flawless look. They are photo friendly, light weight with great coverage, semi-matte appearance, and really good on mature skin.

So, what do you all think?

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