The Beautiful Lizzy at The Port Royal Club

Salon Tease Port Royal WeddingHappy New Year everyone! Here is a beautiful wedding to start the New Year off with. It has all of the things that everyone loves: a beautiful bride, an amazing location, really cool details, and an amazing team that pulled it all together – and I was thrilled to be a member of this team.

Every once in a while we get a wedding where they only want us to do the hair – or they only want us to do the makeup. Guess, what – it’s no big deal! We understand that you may already have a person that you LOVE doing that for you and for this wedding that was the case. Lizzy’s family flew in their hairdresser from Indiana so they could be a part of her wedding and they did a beautiful job and I was thrilled that I had the chance to work with them.

One thing that Lizzy did for her wedding – which has become very popular – is to have makeup for the events leading up to the wedding. This is a great opportunity for me to get to know the people better that I am doing for the wedding AND you get to look AWESOME for the welcome party, the rehearsal dinner and then, of course, your wedding.

Since Lizzy had a fairly large wedding party – 8 to 9 people – I focused on the family’s makeup on the wedding day and the day’s leading up to the wedding. This makes it so that no one feels rushed and it also allows for “just in case time”. Just in case someone wants something changed. I had another awesome team member do the makeup for the rest of the bridal party. Nothing left that room that I did not like, or that Lizzy did not like – and guess what, everyone loved everything.

Another thing that Lizzy did – which was SUPER smart – was to have me stay for touchups on the wedding day to the start of the reception. You may be thinking, “wait, doesn’t David’s makeup stay really well?” and I’d be like, “yes, it totally does”. Think of me staying for touchups like an insurance policy – I am there to make sure that your lips stay shiny and the rest of your face is not. I am also there to make sure that it stays photo perfect through every tear, sip, kiss, and smudge. And let me tell you – it totally did.

HUGE thanks to the awesome people who made this all possible:

Location: The Port Royal Club
Makeup: David and Team at Salon Tease
Wedding Planning: Anna Lucia Events
Photographer: Ryan Joseph
Flowers by 50 Fifty Creative Services
Tent: Sperry Tents

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