What is “HOT” for HAIR in the upcoming bridal season

Is it too early to think about what is “hot” out there for wedding hair? I don’t ever think so! Here in sunny Florida in the land of perpetual summer everything is always hot – or at least warm (sorry everyone up north – had to do it) let’s chat about what is trending for bridal hair! Below are some photos of styles that we have been seeing a lot of lately – let me know what you all think!

The Top Knot

Salon Tease LaPlaya Wedding
Simple, chic and oh so elegant – the Top Knot is one of those that will never really go out of style. This hair style is essentially a bun placed on the top of the head – or in the crown.
This hair style is perfect because it elongates the cheekbones and tends to give a slimmer appearance to the face (because it creates height). The bun can be as messy or as sleek as you like – you can even add a braid at the base. Hair jewels or a tiara are also popular with this style.
Best for people with shoulder to breast length hair with fine to medium density with little to no layers in the hair cut. This style can even be created with short hair – pull all the hair up tight and then use a hair piece to create the bun!
Photo by Luminaire foto

The Hair Roll/Chignon

Salon Tease LaPlaya Wedding

Think the exact opposite of the “Top Knot” – this style is typically found at the nape of the neck with the hair either being sleek or with lots of texture.

This hair style adds an instant dose of formal to any occasion – the more sleek the style, the more formal it appears. This ‘do is perfect for adding a single flower – or even a band of flowers across the top the chignon. For a very modern look – take a jeweled head band or tiara and place it across the top of the form.

Perfect for the girl that does not like height – and we like doing these low styles on people where the hair on the nape of the neck is kinda funky (this style tends to cover all that up). Generally for those with medium to long hair.

Photo by Audrey Snow Photography

The Loose Messy Bun

Salon Tease LaPlaya Wedding

Either to the side or the back – this is the perfect “go to” hair style for any occasion. This style is so versatile there is literally a thousand ways this can be created.

This style is very popular with our girls that want a “convertible hairstyle” – what is that you may ask? It is a style that with minimal effort can be converted to a different look for later on. This hairstyle is typically taken down and with minimal curling can be transformed into a beautiful down ‘do with voluminous curls!

Best for the girls who’s hair tends to frizz or is naturally curly – this style is extremely forgiving. Best for medium to very long hair – just remember the longer the hair – the bigger the bun!

Photo by Austin Trenholm Photography

Hollywood Waves

Salon Tease The Pink Shell Fort Myers Weddings

Why have a taste of Hollywood Glamor when you could have a three course dinner’s worth of awesomeness? We love the Hollywood Waves – this style is different than the typical “beachy waves” this is a sleeker much more sophisticated way to wear your waves.

This style looks best with a deep side part and it accentuates a beautiful “S” curve  (think finger wave) on the top of the head into soft coiffed waves on the side that is not overly stiff.

Perfect for the girl that craves a sophisticated curl. The Hollywood Wave works best with fine to medium textured hair with a medium density – it can be done with extensions as well, but it looks best with natural hair.

Photo by Hunter Ryan Photography


Salon Tease South Seas Captiva Weddings

Braids and plaits – what’s not to love? An easy way to achieve texture is through a woven pattern or braid. Fish-tail, Dutch (inside out French braid), and the Swiss braid (French braid that is wrapped around the head like a head-band) have all become very popular. Perfect for the person that wants to add a touch of whimsy to their style.

Braids have some of the most versatility – it can be very formal, or it could even swing to the extremely casual. Always fresh, and always chic – a perfect way to add a dose of youth.

Anyone at any time – your hair can be short, long, thick, sparse there are ways to add this beautiful texture to your ‘do.

Photo by Dear Weslyann

 The New Half-Up Half-Down

Salon Tease The Club At The Strand Wedding

 We have noticed a HUGE trend over the last year for hair styles that look like “they almost did it themselves – but better” and this was big with the half-up half down styles. Curls that were very relaxed, over simplified lines, natural texture etc.

Typically the half-up half-down style has height on the crown that is either smooth or textured, with the fall (the back) having texture (curls) and down. This still applies for the new version – just very deconstructed.

Perfect for the girl that wants a no-muss no-fuss kinda hairstyle who does not like a lot of detail in their style. Also perfect for the person that likes their hair down – but does not want anything in her face. Best for medium to thick hair that has a decent length (extensions can be added).

Photo by Hunter Ryan Photography

 All hair and makeup was done by Sir Daniel and David Frohmberg of Salon Tease and their amazing team!


Hiring a professional is THE way to ensure that your hair not only stands the test of time (and humidity). Your hairdresser will have the most up-to-date ways to style the hair AND they will have the products that will ensure that the hair does not frizz, or morph into another creature. Also, choosing a hairstyle that is up is a sure fire way to make sure that your hair is not going to go anywhere.
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