Help me!!! I’m PUFFY!!!!!

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Who hasn’t had one of those mornings – you wake up and your eyes have more baggage than the average airport. So what do you do? There are some simple things that you can do to like, stay away from salt – but lets say that you forgot to do that…now what?


Sugar, Salt, Alcohol are all inflammitories – in other words they cause all of the swelling in your body. Alcohol causes the blood vessels to dilate – and with the extra blood under the eyes it can also accentuate dark circles. Sugar accentuates swelling – it is especially noticeable in the delicate areas under the eyes. Salt causes your body to retain fluids. So now you know why after Margarita Monday’s your eyes look extra tired and not so lovely.

SOLUTION: If you know that you are going to be indulging the night before – drink extra water. This will help the body naturally flush out any of the naughty things that you will be putting into your body. Also for an extra measure – add an eye cream to your regimen with caffeine in it. Caffeine increases circulation, and constricts the blood vessels under the eyes.


Oh our sinuses – we all have a love/hate relationship with them. It’s our bodies way of filtering the air we breathe, great right? Unfortunately,  our sinuses are another culprit for facial puffiness – not so great.

SOLUTION: Antihistamines/decongestants or a sinus flush (like a netty pot). Both a great solutions – one is a pill for those who love medication and the other is more natural. Antihistamines blocks a chemical called histamine that your body produces when it is having an allergic reaction which can reduce swelling. Decongestants cut down on the fluids lining the nose that relieves swollen nasal passages/congestion. Doing a sinus flush (like a netty pot) uses a warm saline solution that is pushed into the nasal passages which then causes all the mucus (snot) to come out. Its really sexy so make sure you do it in front of your significant other.


Not only was she totes correct about the wire hangers – but she was also a bit obsessive with her skin care routine. For everyone who has seen “Mommy Dearest” you may remember the part when she wakes early in the morning, gets a crystal bowl and fills it with ice, water, and her beauty elixir. She then used a wash cloth to dab the cold mixture on her face. A little weird? Actually no – cold is a great way to constrict and tighten skin and increase circulation, tight skin isn’t saggy or puffy. I suggest that you add sliced cucumbers to the mix. Not only is it super refreshing, but cucumbers are natural anti-inflammatory.


Sleep is one of the best ways for your body to naturally repair itself. But getting more sleep AND sleeping on your back is the best! It helps reduce neck/back pain AND facial wrinkles, plus it helps keep the breasts nice and perky.  The reason why? Sleeping on your back keeps any excess friction from your face and breasts – less friction equals less sagging – and less sagging equals much more awesome skin.

Bottom line: Drink less alcohol, limit your sugars and stay away from salt. Drink lots of water – its great for you. And say “yes”to caffeine under the eyes. Keep your nose clean (and your sinuses), mommy dearest did know best, and get more sleep on your back.

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