Quick Makeup Hacks – tips from a pro

Salon Tease Makeup Hacks

People are always asking me for some quick tips for their makeup – you know easy things that they can do that will look like a million bucks. Here are 5 of my quick hacks that always do the trick for me.


Who here is a huge fan of mascara like me – well, maybe not everyone….but after reading this segment – you may just be. Mascara is great for opening the eyes – it accentuates the 45 degree angle the lashes grow out of your lid. 45 degree angles give lift – and lifting makes you look younger.

I love brown mascara – it accentuate the lashes – but in a much softer more natural way than black mascara does. This technique involves using both colors of mascara: the brown on the entire upper lash line and then sweeping black mascara on the outer quarter of the upper lash line. Think of it this way – the lighter color of mascara is on the inside and as the lashes go to the out they get darker and darker until black – like an OMBRE. This technique is great because it elongates the eyes giving the illusion that they are more almond shaped.

Check out the image below to see a great before and after using this technique! Left is before and right is after.

Salon Tease Makeup Hacks Brownandblackmascara


This technique changed my life – seriously, it totally did. And the best part is that it is so easy to do. All you need is a black waterproof pencil OR gel.

Tight-lining is when you take your black gel or pencil and darken the upper lid lash line  IN BETWEEN and SLIGHTLY BELOW the lash line. This may take a bit of practice – but trust me, once you get the hang of it you will be able to do it in your sleep. What this does is it gives the illusion that your eyelashes are thicker and blacker than they really are thus lifting and opening the eye space. When you put a rich black right next to the whites of the eye it gives the illusion that the whites are whiter thus making you look more awake and younger. For an extra touch – use a little bit of liner on the top and smudge to soften the effect.

Check out the image below for a great before and after – isn’t it cool how the right side looks younger AND bigger and all we did was tight-line.

Salon Tease Makeup Hacks Tightlining


We all love bronzer – it gives the illusion that you had a ton more sun than you really did – it adds warmth, it makes you look healthy, and it is an awesome tool for contouring. Now, imagine all of those benefits for your eye.

Just because the container states that you are supposed to use a product only on a certain area – does not mean that you have to. Bronzer is a pressed powder, eyeshadow is a pressed powder just because the packaging states that it is to be used on a certain area DOES NOT mean that YOU HAVE TO. Get your inner rebel out, color is color – use it where you want to.

Check out the image below for a great before and after of this technique – simple and understated. It adds a bit of a warm smoky to the eye. I also use bronzer as a transitional color – it blends the eyeshadow color back into the skin tone. Try it, you will love it!

Salon Tease Makeup Hacks Bronzeraseyeshadow


White eyeliner is a very versatile tool – and it is one that I use on EVERY makeup beauty makeup application. I am OBSESSED with what white can do – it opens and lifts and can give the illusion of rest – now, who does’t want that? One of the first places that I put the white eyeliner is below the brow. This makes the brow bone appear to be more lifted – and it really accentuates the sharpness of the brow’s angle. Roughly sketch where you want lift below the brow and then use the warmth of your fingers to “melt” the wax and make it spread better. Another way that I love to use white eyeliner is in the water-line above the lower lash-line. What this does is it gives the illusion that the eye is taller because it looks like the white of the eye is now spilling into the lash-line. This technique is great because it makes you look super awake, rested while having some huge eyes.

Check out the before and after below – notice how the right eye looks more lifted, more awake, and taller?

Salon Tease Makeup Hacks Whiteeyeliner


Remember what I said about being a rebel with your makeup? This technique totally does that. When most people look at their taupe brow pencil they think, “this will be great for my eyebrows” and guess what – it’s totally true! But guess what, that same brow pencil also gives the most amazing natural looking liner FOR A NUDE LIP. Say whaaaaaat????? Yes be a rebel and maximize the use of your pencil and let its versatility flow.

The reason why this works so well is that the taupe pencil is a cool light brown which then applied to the lips looks just like your own natural lip-line, but just a thousand times better.

So, tell me all what you think – write questions in the comments section and I will get right back to you. If you have any off topic makeup questions ask below as well. If I like the subject, I may just write a blog post about it.

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