Nora’s LaPlaya Wedding

This wedding could be summed up in one word: FUN. And there was much to be had with this crew.

Now for some background: we never got the chance to do a trial run with Nora – in fact, we never even got to chat with her on the phone. Not even once. We did all the arrangements with Jon (her husband) and let me tell you – he did a really good job making sure that all of the details were arranged.  When we first arrived at her suite at LaPlaya Nora introduced herself and I said, “you do exsist! And you are gorgeous, by the way – what do you want to look like today”. We laughed for a few while she told me that I was not the first person to mention it and we got started with our day.

We had planned PLENTY of time for her wedding day for two reasons: 1. we had a fairly large party to do that day and 2. we never had the chance to do a trial run. Lucky for us, Nora had a clear vision of what she wanted to look like and we had plenty of hair and makeup artists to give each person the exact look that they were going for.

Nora is a very cool look to her – she has a very beautiful girl next door kinda look to her juxtaposed with tattoos. She wanted a very classic look – light makeup with a winged liner and her hair half-up half-down. I think she looks absolutely perfect, don’t you?

Check out these awesome photos by Chip Litherland – one of my favorite photos of all time is the one of Nora while Daniel is doing the final sprays.


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