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Balayage, Ombre, Sunkissed, Natural – these are all words that flow off the lips of many of our clients at Salon Tease. There is a strong pull in the hair world right now that is begging for low maintenance hair that is still on trend and loaded with “I’ll have what she’s having” photos posted all over Instagram. A new technique was born from this need that combines balayage, ombre, sunkissed and natural and is absolutely dripping with all of the wants/needs on your checklist: ECAILLE – or Tortoiseshell (in French) and you know everything sounds WAYYYY cooler when it is said in French.

What is Ecaille you ask? Brit.co states:

“With smooth caramel tones, the ecaille technique is a slightly richer and darker version of your natural color paired with golden highlights and a whole lot of shine. The look, which began trending in Paris, tends to also be darker at the roots and lighter at the ends – consider it a much more sophisticated version of the ombre we know and love. Pop some balayage highlights on top of this rich shade and and a gloss to keep it rich, and you’ve got this multidimensional, bombshell look.”

To get the I’ll have what she’s having ecaille locs for your next salon visit here are some basic pointers:

Call Salon Tease at 239/596.2022 and book an appointment with one of our awesome stylists/colorists and ask for it by name. We will totally hook you up.
(“what if I don’t live in the area” you ask – well, book a flight and then follow the above pointer)
(“I really can’t do that – even though I totally want to” you say – then follow the steps below where we describe some steps to describe the ecaille process to your stylist)

Salon Tease New Trend Ecale

  1. Try and ask for it by name – if you get a blank stare – don’t fret too much – have an adult conversation with your stylist and show a ton of photos. We like photos.
  2. Explain what ecaille is – a more natural caramely version of ombre. Depending on how much maintenance you want you may want to darken your base. Please note if you darken your base it adds MUCH MORE maintenance to the color and you will need to be in monthly to maintain. If you don’t like that idea – keep your natural base.
  3. Make sure your stylist knows that you want some brighter face-framing highlights around your face – but much softer around the rest of your head.
  4. REMEMBER: This is a much more NATURAL OMBRE – We are not going from really dark to really light – think “tone on tone” so not too much difference in the colors.
  5. Keep it warm – ecaille looks best with warm caramel to golden tones.

Salon Tease New Trend Ecaille Before and AfterHere is the basic formula and technique that Chloe (stylist at Salon Tease) used on her client that is pictured in this article:

FIRST: section out the hair as if you were doing an OMBRE – remember it is a similar process. Start from at the back at the base of the neck and take reasonable slices, tease and then follow the formula below

Basic formula: Lighten the hair using 40 volume mixed with lightener at the ends in a 3-4 inch block, then feather in 30 mixed with lightener about 3-4 inch block working your way up the hair shaft, then 20 and then 10 respectively. When you get to the 10 volume section take a clean brush and feather into the the hair softening the line.

Let it process to the desired shade. If you are looking for a more subtle ecaille use a lower peroxide. Chloe used 30 and 40 volume peroxide because her client had hair that did not lift well.

Lastly tone the hair with GOLDWELL COLORANCE 9NA and 8GB. The NA (or Natural Ash) was used to combat against overly harsh red tones. The GB (or Golden Beige) was used to add that gorgeous warmth.

A cool thing happened with this color and photo – Modern Salon decided to feature her work – and we could not be more thrilled! Check out her article here.

What do you all think of ECAILLE  – ask any questions below!

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