Did the Summer Take a Toll on Your Hair?

Salon Tease Summer Hair ProblemsWe all love summer – its that break in the warm months when you don’t have to go to school, you vacation and relax, and you also tend to get out of your hair routine. The sun, surf and sand can wreck havoc on your hair where later, rinse, condition repeat is just not cutting it. We have to put our big girl pants on and call the salon to get an appointment. This post will be about some of the common Summer Hair problems and how we fix them at Salon Tease. (Photo to the Left by Cody Hunter Photography and Style by Ellison Events).


You ever have that feeling where you fell that you just don’t know someone anymore. They are acting differently, they look different, they even feel different. In fact, you don’t even know who that person is anymore. Just so you know we are talking about our hair – not that person in the back office that you were totally crushing on after we went out with friends last week and he may or may not have (I think he totally did) look at you and now he doesn’t even give you the time of day (what a d*****) so you and I are no longer thinking about him at all (for now). But what we really should be talking about is that chia-pet of a hairstyle that you have been trying to rock lately. Think 80’s rocker – but less “Jessie’s Girl” and much more like the guys from KISS. Totally tragic.


Your hair took on a new persona it’s rough, kinky and/or has tremendous volume.

Now What

Salon Tease Goldwell Kerasilk Keratin TreamentWe would recommend the GOLDWELL KERASILK KERATIN treatment. We have had some wild success with this treatment at our salon for the following reasons:

  • it is formaldehyde free
  • it is customizable – you can still keep some your curl and climate frizz OR eliminate both
  • you can wash your hair that day if you want to
  • no burning, bad smell, or discomfort
  • speeds up blowdry/style time
  • leaves the hair feeling soft, shiny, manageable and frizz-free


During those hot, summer months many of us love to take a dip in our pools to get some relief from the heat. But, have you noticed what it is doing to your hair? Many of us have chlorinated pools – the chemicals in a chlorinated pool are there to keep bacteria and other nastiness from growing where we swim. Now, think of your hair like a sponge – these chemicals are attaching themselves to your hair shaft via the cuticle and popping a squat.


Your hair feels dry, stringy, hard to comb/brush through and sometimes has a greenish tint to the hair.

Now What

Salon Tease Malibu TreatmentThere are many in salon treatments now that can totally combat this – the one that we find works the best is a Malibu Treatment. These packets of awesomeness are perfect because they:

  • naturally removes all the hair-harsh elements from pool, spa or ocean water that can damage/discolor hair
  • helps prevent the recurrence of brittle, damaged hair
  • removes and prevents “swimmers green hair” (copper buildup, which is the culprit behind green discoloration)
  • soothes dry, itchy scalp caused by hair-harsh chemicals found in water
  • restores vibrancy, softness, shine and swing

Get this treatment done as often as you feel you need it.


Over the summer did something you love start to loose that “sparkle”, is that something becoming dull and lifeless? Are you starting to look at others and be like, “I want what she’s having” because you are just so over the “blah” that is happening in your life? We all have those moments when we want to break up with our hair and most of the time it is totally fixable. Hair can loose it’s shine or luster in many different ways – some of the most common ways are the sun, salt water, hard water, and/or excess heat from styling.


Your hair feels more rough – perhaps even brittle on the ends. Your hair also doesn’t look as healthy as it was, it lost its shine and brilliance.

Now What

Salon Tease Goldwell ColoranceWe would recommend a gloss for this situation. A gloss does three things: it gives deep shine to the hair, it conditions/re-protenizes the hair, and it seals the cuticle of the hair.  The great thing about the GOLDWELL COLORANCE Gloss/Toners is that it improves the hair structure up to 35%. We would also recommend a trim or haircut to rid yourself of those pesky ends.


The sun tans our skin and lightens our hair – both of those things are bad because they are both signs of damage (one to your skin and the other on your hair). We all know that we should use sunscreen for our skin, but what can we do to protect our hair – and then what do we do if we start to feel washed out?


You feel multi-tonal in all the wrong places – there is a significant shift in the color at the mid-shaft of your hair to the ends.

Now What

Salon Tease Goldwell Color Lock SerumThis is a two step answer – the first will deal with how to prevent it and the second will state how to fix the issue. To prevent this from happening the best way to do that is to cover your hair with a hat when you are going to be spending a significant amount of time outside. Another thing to do is to add a glossing to your normal hair service this will re-pigmatize the mid to ends to keep your color rich. Lastly use a color sealer in your hair in addition to the gloss because it:

  • provides proven color retention for up to 22 washes
  • instantly locks in the color
  • intensifies color brilliance

The second way to treat this after the damage is already done is to re-balance the hair with a gloss (if you want more of a solid color) or to balayage a similar color as the root all the way through to the ends create a tone on tone highs and lows look. I also like to follow up with a gloss and/or color sealer after every color service.

Please let me know if anyone has any questions about my tips or if you want me to write about a specific item please comment below!

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