Published in Belle Lumiere Magazine

Salon Tease Published in Belle Lumiere MagazineI love working with Tiffany and Cody of Hunter Ryan Photography – and when Tiffany called me saying that she would love for me to do her hair and makeup for her maternity shoot and her husband (Cody) was going to shoot it, I was thrilled to be asked.

The cool thing about this shoot is that every photo was captured on film – not digital. Tiffany and Cody noticed that there were many people looking for the traditional film option and they decided to have a branch of their business deal only in film (Cody Hunter Photography).

I was absolutely thrilled when I heard that the shoot was being picked up by BELLE LUMIERE magazine – now, don’t be upset if you have never heard of this publication….however, it is HUGE in the world of photographers. This magazine is dedicated to the beautiful world of film photography and features talented photogs from around the world. It is only printed four times a year – and the magazine itself is GORGE!

The title of the shoot: BOHO FOREST and I took that theme and ran with it. I added some extensions to Tiffany’s hair to add length and a bit of fullness and then I softly curled it so that the curl pattern complimented her daughter’s natural wave in her hair. I kept the skin very clean – but dewy with highlighting on the top of the cheekbones, cupid’s bow, nose etc to make it look like clean skin. Golds were the color of choice for the eyes – and lots and lots of lashes. I wanted to make sure that her eyes popped, but also so it did not clash with the flower crown and her dress. I wanted continuity.


People that made all of this awesome possible: Cody Hunter Photography (photography), Elleson Events (planning/styling), Sweet Southern Charm (furniture/decor), Asos (dress) and David Frohmberg of Salon Tease (hair and makeup)

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