My Latest Makeup Obsessions

Salon Tease and David Frohmberg's Latest Makeup ObsessionsAs many of you know, I have spent a lot of time, effort and funds on making my makeup kit the way that it is. And that should make you very happy because everything that I have in that kit I have thought about, did copious online research, mildly obsessed over and then took my shekels to the local makeup hotspot and forced myself to ONLY buy what I walked in for. I know you can totally feel my pain :)

This posting will be about some of my latest awesome purchases that I am totally obsessing over – and some of my oldies but goodies that I found floating in my kit that were never lost nor forgotten, but let’s just say we renewed our love.


Simply, totally in love with the formulation, the finish, the longevity – and let me tell you it photographs like a dream 🙂 This foundation and CC Primer has been my latest go-to foundation for ALL skin types (I do skip the CC Primer if the skin is a bit on the oily side). It can have a shear to almost full coverage depending on how you apply it. I use a flat top stippling brush (with natural fibers) for my application. Stipple for fuller coverage, and buff to thin it out and to add a bit of glow. I do die inside every time that I have to replenish because it is a bit of an expensive foundation, but the results are totally worth the price I pay.


This is one of my oldies but goodies that was floating around in my makeup madness. Many of you may know that I am mildly obsessed with cheek sheen and I am an avid collector of highlighters (cream or powder) and this was one of my first highlighter purchases and remains a staple in my kit. Why, you may ask? This powder gives life and lift to the face that no other shimmer has done for me, it gives a subtle tan and adds a creamy glow that tends to cut the harsh red tones out of people’s skin. Sometimes I substitute this for blush because it gives that hint of color. The powders are soft, so be careful that you don’t knock it around because it will shatter into a thousand little shimmery pieces and you will cry.


Super fancy name for some seriously bitching eyeshadows. I was first introduced to these shadows by a client (and friend) Helene who has the same makeup addiction that I have. She had a double of one of her shadow sets lying around and gave it to me. I was super impressed by the creamy texture of the shadows, how the pigments were not harsh, they blend beautifully, and love the subtle shimmer in their almost matte shadows – love these shadows.


This one was a bit of a surprise for me – I am used to using the traditional “dip style” liquid liner and I thought that I had my all time favorite one….until this one accidentally (sort-of) ended up in my kit. So there I was at a wedding and needed to borrow a liquid liner from one of my fellow artists and this is what he had – and I love it so much more than I ever thought I was going to. This pen, with a felt tipped applicator, makes that perfect feline flick so effortlessly easy I think anyone could be a liquid liner master 🙂 And it is super black, and can I also mention WATERPROOF!!!! So, I guess I’m sorry – not sorry – that this ended up in my kit. Because now I can’t live without it.


This little nugget packs many of the things that I love in a body lotion: 1. It smells good. 2. It is light weight. 3. Evens out the red and blueish undertones in people’s skin. How awesome is that? I found that this is perfect for legs and the décolletage and to make it even more luxe I usually set it with a shimmering powder or gold-dust.


This one came out of nowhere – and I was not expecting to love this as much as I do. Recently I was up in NYC for half-a-minute and (of course) I had to hit up Ricky’s in Soho and see what’s all going on 🙂 and while I was there roaming the aisles of awesomeness I stumbled upon this little bargain at $4 a lipgloss. I was so shocked how much pigment these little tubes packed in there – they looked like a super shiny full coverage lipstick. And then I bought one in every color. Among other things. True story.


This is one of those items that has been floating around in my kit that I now have a renewed love for. It all started one morning when I was watching a YouTube tutorial on “baking” – not brownies mind you, but baking your face. I can just feel the minds exploding, how can you “bake your face” you may ask – it really is very simple. It is a technique where loose powder (usually translucent) is placed underneath the eyes, on the bridge of the nose, forehead, chin, and beneath the contour of the cheek and sits there for a time being allowing the heat of your body to “bake” the powder to it creating an ultra flawless finish. The powder (after setting or baking) is then whisked away by a small fluffy brush. This powder has become my go-to for all of my baking awesomeness because it is very light weight, not ultra matte and it has a silky feel. Care to bake, anyone?


I use this for everything – under the eyes, covering blemishes, tattoos, under the brow-bone – truly everywhere because this concealer is really that versatile. When covering tattoos or blemishes I use a synthetic brush that looks like a paint brush to pack on the color. When using this concealer beneath the eyes, I use a stippling brush that allows me to swirl the pigment around so that a thin layer is applied and then buffed to create the perfect non-cakey finish. This also photographs like a dream and comes in a myriad of colors. There are only two things that I don’t like about it: 1. The container is glass and 2. the pigment comes out via a pump so it is hard to get a small dose out. But let me tell you the pros FAR outweigh the cons on this one. It’s awesome and I’ve used it for years.


This one is a two for one – because I love what these two do together. It really is more than love – more like obsessed. Obsessed is definitely the correct word. Now, the MAC pigments I have loved for years. I love how they are easy to use – and the ones that are finely milled tend to not flake as much as some of the other pigment brands do. And I love it when there are minimal touchups to do. The thing that made these pigments so amazingly awesome was when I decided the other day to liquify them with some of the Paula Dorf transformer drops. That liquid helped the pigments adhere to the skin like no other liquid has let me do – it was supremely waterproof, bullet proof, life proof. It also intensified the saturation of the pigments and made them appear shinier as well. Can I say that it changed my life? Are those drops the elixir that will change the scope of makeup as we know it? Well maybe not, but I sure as hell love it. The container is a good size and I can see that it will last me a really long time.

So, what did you all think of my newest makeup obsessions? Questions and comments are greatly appreciated and all questions will be answered! Thanks so much!

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