Please Pardon Our Dust – Cool S**T in the making

All clean and empty in the reception area

Many of you know that we purchased a larger salon so that we could have a bit more breathing room. Some people thought we were nuts and absolutely crazy for doing this (and sometimes when I am stressed out, I feel the same). It has not been rainbows and lollypops the entire way, but I am here to tell you that it will SO BE WORTH IT when our little diamond in the rough becomes the shinning crown jewel that our clients, friends and team expect of us.

This is a process, and it will take some time – however the little bit of dust that we create while doing it will GREATLY outweigh steps we took to mold this salon into what Daniel and I want. We are transforming the salon in pieces – each time you come in you will see something new and cool that we did with the place over the weekend. And we are also trying to be responsible business owners and not go into too much debt over this either – which has been hard because we both have expensive taste, but we are totally pulling it off 🙂

I can not believe how much we have already accomplished:

  1. We took down superfluous walls to create better flow and to make the space feel bigger
  2. We took down all the “old lady” wall paper and chair rails in the reception area and painted the walls a crisp white, put in new up-to-date reception furniture, added a built-in mirrored retail cabinet, added more lights, and a new white Carrera Marble porcelain tiles for the floors.
  3. We removed the wallpaper in the styling area of the salon and retextured the walls – it turns out that the previous owners liked to paint over the wall paper instead of removing it first. That was super fun. Painting this white will follow soon.
  4. We added lights to the styling area of the salon so everyone can now finally see what they are doing.
  5. We deep cleaned and painted the back room white and added in a private room for Maryann of New York – our esthetician and put in custom cabinets and countertops.

And that is just the beginning! We are working with local fabricators, construction and cabinet makers to create a beautiful salon – and support our local economy in the process as well.

Check out the photos below of our salon in the works – and I think you will be able to start to see the love and life that we are breathing into this awesome space. Can’t wait to show you all when it is finished!