A Little Naked Time – some b**ching boudior

Who here has imagined themselves like one of those bombshell supermodels getting pampered with some awesome hair and makeup looking all sexy, confident and semi-nude. We all know you have – even you too Harold, but we won’t share your secret :).

But I digress – Harold gets me every time.

In all truthfulness, this shoot was an awesome collaboration between Daniel and I and Expose Photography. We wanted to showcase our hair and makeup skills in a different way and Heather and I were dying to work together again doing something else besides bridal.

This shoot was all about clean glowing skin and tossily locs with very heavy sensual overtones – classic boudoir. We were thrilled that we were able to create multiple looks – the first being tossled hair with bold brows and glowing skin. The second being vintage retro pared with the perfect red lip. And the third being a colorful smudgy smokey eye that complimented the colors of the pool.

I loved doing makeup on our model Amanda – she has a very versatile face that looked good in the barely there makeup to the vintage retro to the smudgy smokey eye in the pool

I think you all will enjoy this little taste of something different from your two favorite hair and makeup boys and if you ever want to do a fun shoot like this let me know.

HUGE shout out to Heather from Expose Photography for the awesome shots and our model for Amanda for running around our house mostly nude for an afternoon.



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